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The Developer Community

As you know developers do not live in vacuum. We are all part of one big developer community. In fact, contributors to this site comprise IT Professionals in over 315 cities and 35 countries. This is a number that grows every day, and is but a small fraction of the developer community worldwide. What this means to you is that when you blog, write an example, answer a question on a discusion board or make any other contribution, you are helping the entire development community. As I have experienced, when you help others, the help will come back to you when you need help solving a problem or getting past a stumbling block.

This section will be focusing on bringing the development community together. This month, we will start with recognizing those sites who have links to Community Credit, and will grow each month with new features including recogizing special contributors each month as well as recognizing development communities that go above and beyond the average in helping developers out.

SuperStars of our Developer Community Credit
  Damir Tomicic
President of Ineta Europe, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP Solutions Architect and Founder of the First .NET User Group in Germany.

  Jesse Liberty
Jesse Liberty is a Microsoft Senior Program Manager in the Silverlight Development Division whose business card reads “Silverlight Geek”. He is responsible for the creation of content to facilitate the learning and use of Silverlight and to foster a Silverlight Developer community. Jesse is the author of numerous bestselling books, including O'Reilly Media's forthcoming Programming Silverlight, Programming .NET 3.5, Programming C# 3.0 with Visual Studio 2008 and Learning ASP.NET with AJAX. Jesse has over two decades experience programming, consulting and training and has been, during that time, a Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T; Software Architect for PBS/Learning Link; Vice President of Human Factors/ Information Technology at Citibank; and Microsoft MVP.

A few examples of Jesse's favorite blog posts are:
Key Frame Animation
Linq and Lamda Expressions - How do you pronounce => ?
Did You Know That... You can create vertical or horizontal linear gradients?

  Rob Zelt
Rob Zelt, ASP.Net MVP, is a Leadership Team Member of the Triangle .Net User Group in Raleigh, NC, and also volunteers on the Board of Directors of INETA North America. Serving as VP of Community Activities Rob is leading the INETA Live project, bringing community media content to life through a Silverlight based community portal, and working to produce live virtual user group events. As an avid ASP.Net and Silverlight developer, Rob blogs at and enjoys speaking at user groups, Code Camps, and other developer events.

  Jeff Kwak
Jeff Kwak (a.k.a., FutureTurnip) is an open minded software developer/architect on top of the .net stack. He's coded in everything from 8-bit assembly language to C# for an embarrassingly long number of years. Currently, he's into big system architectures, organizing software teams/process, emerging web technologies (like Silverlight and MS MVC), languages, ... basically any and all things software and related to software.

  Antonio Chagoury
Antonio Chagoury is the CEO and Chief Software Architect of Inspector IT Inc , a .net and DotNetNuke solutions provider based in the Washington DC Metro Area.

Antonio is the Founder and President of the Capital DotNetNuke User Group, a group intended to get DotNetNuke Enthusiasts in one room once a month to discuss a wide range of topics as well share ideas knowledge and experience on the platform.

As and active member of the DotNetNuke Core team of developers and leads he actively contributes to the development of the Blog module as well as other areas of the platform.

Antonio's blogs regularly on

  Rachel Appel
Rachel Appel lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is the senior technology consultant at Appel Consulting. Rachel is an MVP and a member of ASPInsiders, and holds the MCT MCAD & MCSD certifications.  She has been working as an instructor, software developer, architect and DBA for a wide variety of organizations. She is the Vice President and a regular speaker of the .NetValley user's group, as well as an active member in other local user groups in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.  Rachel's expertise lies within developing solutions that align business and technology using the Microsoft .NET family of products. You can visit Rachel’s website at <a href=""></a>

  Chris Hammond
Chris Hammond is the Product Manager for Internet Solutions and Training Lead with Engage Software in St. Louis, Missouri. Having worked with DotNetNuke (DNN) since its inception and having been a DNN Core Team member for the past four years, Chris has solidified his role within the DNN community as an leading expert and evangelist on the platform, presenting at conferences and user groups across the United States over the past five years. He also travels frequently to provide onsite DNN training throughout the world.

  Steve Andrews
Steve Andrews is a Team System MVP and INETA Speaker, and has been working as a developer for more than 9 years. During this time, he has designed and developed applications in such widely varying areas as trust accounting, medical information management, supply chain management, and retail systems. Steve is also an MCP, ICSOO, Speaker Liaison for the Philly .NET User Group, and community fanatic.  This year he has set his sites to give 52 presentations, starting the 52'er club.  You can see his plans for the upcoming year on his site

  Dan Wygant
Dan Wygant has been coding since age 12 in 71, and has been a professional programmer since leaving Graduate School at Florida State University to work at Intergraph in 85. Dan began using VS.NET while it was still in beta back in the summer of 2001, testing Web Services, and founded

The next summer, in June 2002, as one of the first .Net Users Groups (UG) in the South East US, he has been a Mentor for UGs for since then (Al/MS/LA/TN/KY), and had most recently been working on a Silverlight 2 contract since a week after it was released on 10/14/08. Since being one of the cofounders of in 2004 (after founding in 97), Dan has received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award each year for Windows Customer Experience.

Back before Agile, there was RAD – not the same, but the idea of short iterations and iterative development is similar. Dan has been in working Object Oriented at "Internet speed" for well over a decade on everything from C,C++,C# to VB, VB.NET and even Java, but his current favorite is C# in Silverlight 3.0 beta 1.

  Kim Schmidt
Kim Schmidt is a .NET Developer who has worked with numerous technologies & languages; however, she has a passion for ASP.NET cutting-edge technologies. It is her goal to become the best ASP.NET developer she can in her lifetime. KIm is also very active in the Microsoft community, most notably being a lead in all Southern California DigiGirlz events as well as the WomenBuild, Serious Play program.

  Ariel Leroux
Self proclaimed hybrid, primarily focussed on Design and structure with the occasional side road into Development, Ariel Leroux of is a designer who has a strong passion for UI that makes sense while also having personality with expertise in WPF, Silverlight and any technology that needs some shine added to it. Ariel Leroux is also cofounder and Board Member of Seattle's local UX focus group, Seattle D2ig (url:

  Ryan Duclos
Ryan Duclos is a Senior Technical Consultant for Perficient, Inc. (PRFT) on Microsoft Technologies. He lives in LA (Lower Alabama)! He loves spending time with his family, as well as being a Community Influencer. Ryan can be found at regional events as a Speaker/Attendee. Ryan has been working with Microsoft Technologies since 2000. Ryan organizes and attends area User Groups events on a regular basis, and speaks primarily on SQL topics.

  Faisal Khan
Faisal currently working at Vectorform as a Silverlight developer. His passions revolve around creating the next generation desktop application and Rich Internet applications. His goals are to create applications which will serve the user in a friendly and traditional way, but will keep pace with next generation demands.

  Stephanie Grima
Stephanie Grima is a Maltese software developer who is still furthering her knowledge in C# and .NET at college and by currently undertaking MCTS. She is also working part-time as a SharePoint programmer were she mostly deals with workflows done through Office SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio. Since this is her last year at college, she has two final large projects to work on, and she will be a graduate in BTECH Higher National Diploma in Software. She is looking forward to keep on learning, to share her knowledge with others, and for the many opportunities available once she finishes college and will be able to work as a full-timer

  Özgür Seyrek
Özgür is the President of INETA MEA as well as the CEO of Mobil Cozumler Ltd. based in Istanbul, Turkey. With a graduate degree in Business Administration, he has been in software business since 1990. Özgür is an "accidental" .Net coder, specializing in mobile sales automations and management systems.

  Andy Beaulieu
Andy Beaulieu is a professional software developer with over 10 years of experience building applications for Windows and the Web. Located in Syracuse, New York, he is well versed in many Microsoft technologies including Silverlight, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and WindowsForms. Andy has worked on many applications for the financial, medical, and scientific communities and is a member of the WPF and Silverlight Insiders group. He is also involved in the .NET community and is the Group Leader for the Central New York .NET Developers Group, as well as the INETA Membership Mentor for much of the Northeastern United States.

He holds a B.A. in Computer and Information Science from Potsdam College of the State University of New York, as well as several Microsoft certifications including Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for .NET, Microsoft Certified Application Developer, and Microsoft Certified Solution Developer for Visual Studio 6.

  Venkatesan Prabu
Venkatesan Prabu Jayakantham holds many credentials, including Microsoft MVP, MCITP, MCTS, MCAD and is working as a SQL Server DBA and Senior Dot net developer. He am from Dharmapuri,Tamil Nadu(India) and completed his Bachelors degree in GCE, Tirunelveli. He has participated in several paper presentations and bagged 7 National, 1 State, 1 University and 1 college level prizes. His research papers on Image Processing and Cryptography have been published at National Level Conferences in India.

He has also been awarded as Subject Matter Expert on SQL, Knowledge Champion on SQL, Most Valuable Member of DotNetSpider site for the year 2007. Usually, he blogs his technical articles in with contribution including, Standardizing MSDN contents, Reviewing MS press books and Microsoft Visual Studio team suite architecture advisory council member.

  Stan Naspinski
Stan Naspinski is an MCPD in Web Development and an MCTS in .Net Web Applications and MOSS 2007; he also holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of MN. After a brief period as a US Air Force Officer, he now develops and administers SharePoint and Asp.Net applications in Kuwait for the US Army. He keeps his Asp.Net and programming ramblings at his site

  Colin Mackay
Colin is a Microsoft MVP (C#), Code Project MVP (four years running) and MCSD from Edinburgh, Scotland. He has worked with Microsoft Visual C++ since version 2.1 and the .NET Framework and C# since it was in beta. He originally started programming when he was about 9 years old, on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with an amazing 48K memory! Naturally he went for a computing degree. After leaving university he co-founded a software company that developed a GIS product but is now working for an insurance company in Glasgow. He is very active in the user community. He's a core member of Scottish Developers, a Member of the BCS, and the principal organiser behind Developer Day Scotland, based on the highly successful Developer! Developer! Developer! community events. If that wasn’t enough he is the Vice President of Education of the Glasgow South Side Branch of Toastmasters International.

  Doug Seven
Software Development Engineer Lead - Communities and Collaborative Technologies

  Lorenzo Barbieri
Lorenzo is an MVP in Windows-Virtual Machines, the INETA lead South Europe and moderator of the Virtual Machines forum. Normally that would be enough for anyone to handle, but he has quite a number of distinguished accomplishments as listed below:
  • Senior trainer/architect specialized in Visual Studio Team System and Virtual PC/Virtual Server.
  • Member and collaborator of , the biggest european .NET user group, where he is one of the article reviewers and submits news on the main site.
  • Has two blogs: in Italian and in English.
  • Holds an MCT and teaches courses about .NET, SQL Server and Visual Studio Team System.
  • Has made 10 webcasts about VSTS (in Italian), and presented some sessions to user groups and official meetings in Italy.
  • Created a BOF session at TechEd Europe 2005 and will make one at TechEd 2006 in Boston.

  Shawn Wildermuth
Shawn Wildermuth is a Microsoft MVP (C#), MCSD.NET, MCT and is the founder of Wildermuth Consulting Services, LLC, a company that is dedicated to delivering architecture, mentoring and software solutions in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He is also a speaker on the INETA Speaker's Bureau and has appeared at several national conferences to speak on a variety of subjects.

Shawn is also the author of several books including the book "Pragmatic ADO.NET" for Addison-Wesley, and is also the co-author of four Microsoft Certification Training Kits for MS Press, as well as the upcoming book, "Prescriptive Data Architectures".

He has been writing articles for a number of years for a variety of magazines and websites, including MSDN, MSDN Online, DevSource, InformIT, Windows IT Pro, The ServerSide .NET, and Intel's Rich Client Series. Shawn has enjoyed building data-driven software for more than twenty years. He can be reached at his website at

  Brendan Enrick
Brendan Enrick works as a Software Developer for Lake Quincy Media. He is an ASP Alliance author and editor, and he spends some of his time answering questions on the asp.netforums. Brendan concentrates most of his time on ASP.NET and C#. He gives back to his local community by teaching introductory programming at Kent State University

  Mark Schmidt
Mark Schmidt is currently a Software Development Engineer in the Windows Live organization at Microsoft. Prior to that he was a Programmer Writer on the Windows Workflow team. Mark got his start in QA at Symantec while going through college but was actually hired by Hewlett Packard as a Software Engineer before he graduated. During that time he wrote several magazine articles and authored 2 books covering C++ and C#. His passion involves coding unique and challenging solutions most of which can be found at

  Chris Williams
Chris Williams is a Technology Evangelist for Magenic. He is the founder of several .NET User Groups on the east coast, and most recently the newly formed Twin Cities XNA User Group ( He is a VB.NET MVP, rabid blogger and owner of www.ILoveVB.NET.

He's also a MCT, MCSD (.NET) Early Adopter, MCAD, freelance game developer, occasional author, code camp & user group speaker, vintage arcade game collector and plays a pretty mean guitar in Rock Band.

  Marlon Grech
Marlon is a .Net Specialist at Uniblue Systems. On his spare time he likes to blog on WPF technology. Marlon is an addict of cutting edge .Net technologies and he tries to get his hands dirty with all new .Net stuff.

  Lori McKinney
Lori McKinney is a Software Consultant for Intergraph Corporation's Process, Power & Marine division where she works developing web applications. She has 20 years experience developing software. Before joining Intergraph, she worked as a research engineer at Amoco Research Center in Tulsa, OK, modeling cuttings distribution for various drilling fluid/bit/geology combinations for a engineering simulator for drilling. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa.

Lori is a member of HUNTUG, the Huntsville New Technology User Group, and Huntsville VS.NET User Group as well as INETA and Culminis. She served three years on the Board of Directors for HUNTUG and currently volunteers on the INETA Technology Team.

Lori lives with her husband of over a quarter of a century and her son of less than a decade near Huntsville, AL.

  Teemu Keiski
Teemu Keiski works as .NET technology specialist in a Finnish software company. He is regular contributor on Microsoft newsgroups and ASP.NET Forums, where he is in moderator and hall of fame positions. He is Microsoft MVP (ASP.NET) and also member of AspInsiders.

  Karl Shifflett
Karl Shifflett has been designing & developing business applications since 1989 and transitioned to .NET in March of 2003. In April of 2007 he joined the list of WPF and Microsoft Expression fanatics & evangelists.

A Microsoft .NET MCAD, currently the .NET Architect on emGovPower’s new full featured City Government and Utility Billing WPF product. On the weekends he is developing a cool multi-player WPF game for release 1st quarter 2008 and is a member of Team Mole, authors of Mole For Visual Studio.

Karl is a senior Information Technology Professional with proven expertise in computer software design, programming and project management. He is well known to fellow Charlotte Developers Guild members for technical excellence, strategic thinking, creative solutions, strong analytical skills and sound business logic. Excellent at soliciting requirements form stakeholders and users alike. He has extensive experience with multi-platform heterogeneous environments (UNIX, VMS, MAC, DOS, Windows workstations, NT Servers, W2K Servers, W2003 Servers, and Vista).

You can also read his technical articles and mentoring thoughts on his blog.

  Keyvan Nayyeri

Keyvan is a software architect and developer who has a bachelor of science degree in applied mathematics. He was born in Kermanshah, Kurdistan, in 1984.

Keyvan’s main focus is on Microsoft development technologies and their related technologies such as mark-up languages. He’s also experienced in practices and enjoys them very much. Keyvan has a serious passion for community activities and open-source software. As a result, he is an author for some famous .NET communities and has published various articles and tutorials on them. He is also a team leader and developer of some famous .NET open-source projects (including BlogML) where he tries to learn many things through writing code for special purposes. As an old ASP.NET developer, Keyvan is also a big fan and follower of Telligent products and holds an MVP award for Community Server as well.

Keyvan is also an author for Wrox Press and has authored Professional Visual Studio Extensibility and co-authored Professional Community Server books.

When he’s not coding, he enjoys blogging, reading technical books, listening to music, and playing video games.

  Christopher Fairbairn
Christopher Fairbairn is a New Zealand based software developer focusing on Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices. In his spare time he likes to blog on development issues as a way to give back to the community.

  Peter O'Hanlon
Peter is a CodeProject MVP from Newcastle in the North East of England. He's been developing software commercially since the late 80s, initially as a C programmer on Unix systems. In the 90s, he made the leap to Windows and hasn't looked back since then. Having served his time developing C++ applications, Pete moved over to .NET back in the Beta 1 days of .NET and has learned to love C#. Peter runs his own software company where he badgers people mercilessly to do things properly.

In his spare time, he likes to play with his two young daughters and imbue them with the philosophy that "All boys are stinky".

  Dave McMahon
Dave works as Chief Architect for .NET Development at Ridgian Limited, a privately owned software house based in Central Birmingham. Ridgian are a Microsoft Certified Partner and specialise in Business Intelligence Solutions and Custom Software Solutions. He is very active in the Microsoft community speaking at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper conferences, and at numerous User Group meetings around the country on such topics as SQL XML, SQL 2005 Security, Regular Expressions and his favouritte technology XSLT and XPATH. He has recently published articles on SQL Server 2005 Security in International Developer Magazine and on Vista and Office 2007 in the Microsoft Beta Newsletters.

  Steve C. Orr
Steve C. Orr is an ASP Insider, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET, and author of the book "Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX" by Wrox Press. He specializes in Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#, and SQL Server. He's been developing software solutions for leading companies in the Seattle area for more than a decade, and he's known for his monthly column "Control Freak" in ASP.NET Pro Magazine. When he's not busy designing software systems or writing about it, he can often be found loitering at local user groups and habitually lurking in the ASP.NET newsgroup

  Sean Hederman
Sean Hederman is a software developer in Johannesburg South Africa. He writes the blog (CodingSanity) and is the author of the popular Reflector.Diff plugin. He works mainly in C#, and specializes in document management and workflow systems. He has been a professional developer for almost 12 years and has worked in a wide range of industries and technologies. He has strong and vocal opinions, and thinks that penguins make for good eating.

  Nina Meiers
Nina Meiers is an MVP in Melbourne, Australia and has been active in the DotNetNuke scene since it's beginnings. Her network of sites have provided over 69,000 users information and free downloads to get them started in DotnetNuke. She's One of the most active contributors to the non developer market.

Free videos, skins, articles and downloads keep her busy, but her key area of work is supporting, hosting, developing and skinning websites built on the DotNetNuke platform. Usually found on phone, giving high level support for companies in need of complex advice and consultation to make the DNN sites rock and roll, but watch out, Sharepoint, Master Pages are going to be showing up soon too!

Nina is married to her best friend Andrew, has 3 kids, 3 grandkids, 3 cats... and loves her muscle car.. The Soarer, where her last one had around 270 RWK of power. And next week, bling bling wheels on 19" rims will bring out a sparkle in her eyes. She was a child bride and swears she was born in the wrong decade.

  Simone Chiaretta
Simone Chiaretta is a Software Architect and Developer with 10 year of experience developing web applications, including 5 with ASP.NET. He is Italian but at the moment is living in the windy Wellington, New Zealand working as "Chief Software Architect" for Calcium. He has been involved in many OpenSource projects, but now he focuses only on SubText and taking it to the next level.  He is especially active in the .NET community, both in Italian and now New Zealand. When he is not writing code or blogging, he spends his time trying not to crash on the ground while climbing on various walls (rock, ice-falls, glaciers). You can find his rumblings both in Italian and in English in his blogs: and

  Daniel Egan
President Chief Architect
Odyssey Consulting Group Corp.

Daniel is the President and Chief Architect of OCG, a .Net Design and Consulting firm in sunny Southern California. Daniel is an MCT, MCSD, and a Microsoft ASP.Net MVP. He has recently been elected to the INETA Board of Directors as VP of Technology.

In addition to his development work, Daniel teaches a .NET Certification course at California State University Fullerton as well as serves on its .NET Advisory board. He is the Co-Founder of the SoCalDotNet Developers Group. Daniel is a frequent speaker and conference presenter, has written several articles, and is the author of Building Websites With VB.Net and DotNetNuke 3.0. To find out more about Daniel, visit either of his blogs, Dot Net Doc (, a .NET and DNN developer resource blog, or ThePatternMan ( which focuses on Design Patterns in .Net.

  Emanuele Mattei
Emanuele Mattei was born and lives in Rome, working as developer near a society of computer science. For the last few years, he has written articles about .NET on his blog.

When he is not coding, he is heavily into cycling and tennis, walking, reading, science fiction films and Italian music. In other words, he actually has a life outside of technology (a rarity).

Last but not least, he is a big fan of the team of kick - soccer Rome - Roma.

It is a big part of him and he is a big part of community credit and really things the idea is grandiose.

  David Betz
David is an expert in JavaScript and Ajax development as well as in .NET 2.0/3.0 technologies. He is also author of the Brainbench C# 2.0 exam and technical editor for the Brainbench C# fundamentals exam. His blog, , contains his architectural proofs, frameworks, training videos, as well as links to his articles on .NET 3.0, Ajax, Firefox, web-standards, and various other topics.

  Scott Dorman
Scott has been involved with computers in one way or another for as long as he can remember, but started professionally in 1993. After spending 6 years as a systems administrator, Scott branched out and started developing eCommerce store fronts. From there, he has worked on many different projects and has spent the last 5 years working with .NET and C#.

He has worked at Fortune 500 companies and privately held start-ups focused on IT consulting where he gained experience in embedded systems design and software development to systems administration and database programming, and everything in between.

Although his primary focus right now is commercial software applications using Microsoft .NET technologies, he prefers building infrastructure components, reusable shared libraries and helping companies define, develop and automate process standards and guidelines.

He is currently working as a senior developer and architect at a software security company on the Gulf coast of Florida

  Jeff Julian
Jeff is a Principal for the Kansas City-based consulting firm AJI Software. He is also a Microsoft MVP in XML since 2004, founder of, and co-leader of the Kansas City .NET User Group.

  Steven McDonald
Steven is an ASP.Net / C# developer from South Africa. He is the author and he enjoys playing xbox360. His main focus is to one day be selected as a ASP.Net MVP. Be sure to check out his blog.

  Andrea Boschin
Andrea Boschin is a .NET developer active on the framework technologies since 2002. He is member and founder of (, a user group focused on north-est Italy and promote, with many professional developer, some meeting about the technologies and the development strategies. He focus his interest on ASP.NET and generally on web, but he works often with windows form technologies. He is developer of IMHO (, an open source tool for offline editing of blog posts he use with many people to feed his weblog

  Wally McClure
Wallace B. (Wally) McClure INETA Speaker's Bureau Microsoft MVP ASPInsider Co-author of "Beginning AJAX with ASP.NET" Co-author of "Professional ADO.NET Programming" Co-author of "Building Highly Scalable Database Applications with .NET" Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech

  Jeffrey Schoolcraft
Jeff Schoolcraft is a .NET developer with strong community involvement. He has learned a bit from running two usergroups in the DC area for over three years. Currently he organized NoVa CodeCamp and is currently helping to get RockNUG off the ground. His ulterior motive is to surround himself with a bunch of smart and talented people to bleed their brains of all their knowledge. Jeff maintains the Queue with intermittent blogging.

  Lou Vega
Lou Vega is a founding member and current president of the Greater Charleston .NET User group. He is very dedicated in a wide variety of areas relating to software development. His contributions on various forums show his breadth of knowledge as well. You can also tell that he is an old school gamer. If you view his bio, you can see a wide variety of contributions. When he is not contributing, he works as a software engineer for CSSI, Inc. He’s an MVP, MCAD and MCSD for .NET and has been developing in .NET since 2002 with experience writing Active Directory management applications for large scale deployments. In late 2004 he began development of a Pocket PC Aviation Weather program for the U.S. Navy and enjoyed working on that so much that in 2005 he started BrainThump, LLC, his own company developing Pocket PC software including Binary clock and SpaceWx – the first Pocket PC Space-Weather application.

  Ryan Olshan
Ryan Olshan is the creator of, an extensive .NET generics website. In his spare time he is top poster and moderator on the ASP.NET Forums as well as a contributor to other online communities. To hear the latest bits of wisdom from Ryan visit his blog. Also the founder of the Strong Coders Community,

  Anand Narayanaswamy
Anand Narayanaswamy works as an independent consultant and runs NetAns Technologies (, which provides web hosting services and is based in Trivandrum, Kerala State, India. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Visual C# since October 2003. He works as the full time technical editor lead for ( and is also a member of Advisory Board. He is the author of Community Server Quickly published by Packt Publishing (ISBN: 978-1-847190-87-1).

He regularly contributes articles, and book and product reviews to,,,, Microsoft Academic Alliance, asp.netPRO print magazine, and asp.netNOW online magazine. Anand has worked as a technical editor for several popular publishers such as Sams, Addison-Wesley Professional, Wrox, and Manning. His technical editing skills helped the authors of Sams Teach Yourself the C# Language in 21 Days, Core C# and .NET, Professional ADO.NET 2, and ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts in Action to fine tune the content. He has also contributed articles for Microsoft Knowledge Base and delivered podcast shows for He is a moderator for Windows MarketPlace Newsgroups.

Anand also runs (, (, (, (, DigitalGadget.Info (, ( and ( is a featured site at MSDN's Visual C# .NET communities section. He also runs a website for the purpose of this book at

Anand has won several prizes at and has been featured as “All Time” contributor at the site. He is one of the founders of Trivandrum Microsoft Usergroup. He regularly blogs under the banner “I type what I feel” at and maintains a personal website at

  Michael Ruminer

Michael is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Developer – Team System and a Principal Consultant with Magenic Technologies out of the Boston office. Other than his obvious interest and focus on Team System, Michael is a gadget geek and a software process hound. Michael has spent much of his time since his teen years and professionally for the last 14 years in many areas of computing with the last 8 years almost exclusively in consulting.

When not digging into new technologies, helping or being helped by peers in technically challenging areas and trying to help clients solve business problems he spends his time with his family which was enlarged by the birth of triplets in April of 2006.

Look for his forthcoming book from Apress “Team Foundation Server Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach


  Vasudevan Deepak Kumar
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar is an Architect. Deepak started his programming career in 1994 even during his tender school days. He had his Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from Vellore Engineering College in 1999 and currently pursuing his MBA in Systems from Alagappa University, Karaikudi.

He has been working in various capacities in the IT field, ranging from web portal applications to enterprise web applications in ASP, SQL Server 2000. Currently, he is working as an Architect in Verizon Data Services India Private Limited, Chennai, India. With an experience to the tune of five plus years in IT field in cutting edge technologies and real time enterprise solutions. Deepak has learnt the art of untangling the most complex enterprise problem into a most adorable and amicable business solution. You can reach him at

  Jason Gaylord
Jason's Blog contains a tremendous wealth of .NET resources and numerous blogs. Not only does he blog several times a week, but his site has links to a veritable who's who in the .NET blogging world. He also has links to his user group as well as a number of other sites of his. Last but not least, he just revised his website with a clean and professional look and feel to it and with the usual collection of great .NET Content. Nicely done, Jason!

  Robin-Ann Peters
Robin Ann Peters, Professional Photographer and Webmaster has been extremely active in the development community for as long as I can remember and she has always offered tremendous insight in both the technical and created arenas, a combination not found too often.

Robin Ann also runs, which is her design firm specializing in both web design and photography and often times a balanced combination of each. In fact, this triumphant combination will produce web pages that are several cuts above the competition. is experienced in diversified fields - so speaking your "language" is not a challenge. is your one stop provider for professional, accurate web content.

  Nikita Polyakov
Nikita Polyakov has a great Blog Site, Campus K0ders, that is one of the mainstays the Academic .NET community. Nikita also gives numerous presentations and is always sharing his knowledge at various .NET conferences.

  John Miller
John Miller's website, Mobius Development , is a site that focuses on website design, security consulting and more. John is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the Mobius Development team holds certifications from Comptia and Microsoft, so you can be sure you are dealing with professionals.

  Todd Miranda
Todd Miranda is the Chief Information Security Officer for Softech Development, a Birmingham based software development organization. He is a co-founder of the Birmingham .NET User Group. He has an MSEE degree from UAB, where he actively supports their Information Engineering Management program. He has more than 15 years of experience ranging from board-level hardware design to enterprise software systems. He enjoys presenting and training on technology topics as well as other interests.

  Jeff Barnes
Jeff Barnes is a Senior Software Engineer for Softech Development based in Birmingham, AL. He has been involved with software development since 1998 and holds an MCSD.NET (C#) certification. His passion for software development is deeply rooted in engineering solutions for the unique challenges often found within the development of distributed systems. He spends a great deal of his spare time reading and experimenting with related technologies and concepts such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Service Orientation (SO), Software As A Service (SaaS) as well as various methodologies and design patterns.

  Peter Ritchie
Peter has been working professionally in software development for over 16 years.  He's been working with computer software far longer; since his first computer, an Atari 800.

Starting in C, Peter progressed to C++ not too long after its adoption by the major compilers.  With a strong background in C++, Peter has been writing, designing, and architecting Windows-based software and solutions for over 13 years.

Most recently, Peter has gotten involved in the .NET movement, concentrating on C# and making an effort to try and transfer his knowledge to the community--resulting in becoming an MVP C#.

Peter is an active contributor to the MSDN Forums ( and .NET newsgroups and also an active moderator of MSDN Forums.

Peter is president of Peter Ritchie Inc. Software Consulting Co, where he provides Windows-based software development services in Canada's national capital region.

  Brian Knight
Brian Knight, SQL Server MVP, MCSE, MCDBA, is the co-founder of and He runs the local SQL Server users group in Jacksonville (JSSUG) and was recently on the Board of Directors of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS). Brian is a contributing columnist for SQL Server Standard and also maintains a regular column for the database website and does regular webcasts at Jumpstart TV. He is the author of Admin911: SQL Server (Osborne/McGraw-Hill Publishing) and co-author Professional SQL Server DTS, Professional SQL Server 2005 Administration and Professional SQL Server 2005 SSIS (Wrox Press). Brian has spoken at conferences like PASS, SQL Connections and TechEd and many Code Camps. His blog can be found at WhiteKnightTechnology.comBrian is an independent consultant at White Knight Technology

  Stephen Spoto
A 2007 graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Math. Stephen is new to the Orlando area and is currently focused on increasing his involvement with the local IT community, learning the Industry and meeting new people. He has experience with both C++ and Java. Throughout most of his college experience he has worked as a Computer Technician on campus, performing constant troubleshooting involving both hardware and software issues. Some of the most interesting projects he has been involved in would include, programming autonomous bipedal walking robots and a ray tracer.

Sites recognizing Community Credit

Joe Healy's - Serving the Florida / Alabama / Mississippi Microsoft .NET Developer Communities - The FlaDotNet .NET User Group in South Florida

Russ' Tool Shed - You have to know the code to get in the shed. KNOW THE CODE! - Fun and Exciting html techniques. Web Support. Enterprise Solutions and more. - ASP.NET News for Lazy Developers. - New Hampshire DotNet User Group - Letting you do what you do best!

Sites that use Community Credit Web Services

Sonu Kapoor's DotNetSlackers -DotNetSlackers is a .NET community that aggregates .NET blogs from various .NET communities and well known bloggers. His site has the distinction of auto submitting blog posts. It is very cool. If he aggregates your blog, you can have him autosubmit it and earn points for each of your blogs automatically. In fact, both Thom Robbins and Jason Gaylord have blogged about it. - Sherlock Technology Recruiting - Largest Source of XML Examples on the Web - A volunteer .NET developer community that builds websites for NonProfit organizations

Featured Developers

Andrea Boschin
Andrea Boschin is a .NET developer active on the framework technologies since 2002. He is member and

Colin Mackay
Colin is a Microsoft MVP (C#), Code Project MVP (four years running) and MCSD from Edinburgh, Scotla

Chris Williams
Chris Williams is a Technology Evangelist for Magenic. He is the founder of several .NET User Groups

Nina Meiers
Nina Meiers is an MVP in Melbourne, Australia and has been active in the DotNetNuke scene since it's

Peter O'Hanlon
Peter is a CodeProject MVP fr


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17 New members to the Community Credit Hall of fame were inducted. You can read about them and the reasons why they were inducted on the Hall of Fame page.

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1/17/08 - Community Credit Toolkit released
Keyvan Nayyeri just release a toolkit for community credit to simplify the use of the Community Credit Web Services. If you are using the web services in your community or would like to, I would recommend checkint it out in Keyvan's CodePlex Project.

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