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Joydip Kanjilal (30000)

Craig Berntson (3150) Curved

Scott Robison (2000)

Chris Williams (1500)

Tim Heuer (1050) Curved

Renso (1000)

Muljadi Budiman (1000)

Gary Pronych (1000)

Sonu Kapoor (550)

Joe (500)

John Blumenauer (500)

Christopher (500)

Brian Schroer (500)

Allen Buckley (500)

D'Arcy Lussier (500)

Dave Oliver (500)

shehan (500)

SilverlightGeek (500)

Dave Campbell (250) Curved

Timmy Kokke (200) Curved

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All Time
Emanuele Mattei (1763675)
Anand Narayanaswamy (1660475)
Brad Jones (1527400)
Deepak Kumar Vasudevan (1420800)
barbilor (1353825)
Marco Minerva (1245325)
SilverlightGeek (1052800)
Karl Shifflett (966325)
Lou Vega (927225)

Top Communities (5,852,600) (4,255,000)
Keyvan Nayyeri (952,925)
.netSide User Group (915,875)
NetFX Harmonics (844,800)
Sherlock Technology Recruiting (801,000) (776,875)
The ADO Guy (562,675) (518,500)
XMLPitstop (452,825) (419,750) (377,000) (271,375)
Inspector IT, Inc. (174,050)
Method ~ of ~ failed (157,500)
Scott Dorman (156,100)
Russ's Toolshed (125,500)
SubText Blogging Engine (76,150)
XMLPitstop (73,200)
Karl On WPF - .Net (60,600)
Jason Row's Blog (29,550)
if ( ! blogClogged ) (24,300) user group (23,500)
The UltraTech Zone (21,850)
Amr Elsehemy's Weblog (75)

Hall of Fame

2008 Hall Of Famers
Lorenzo Barbieri
Anand Narayanaswamy
Lou Vega
Simone Chiaretta
Jeff Julian
Brad Jones
Michele Locuratelo
HimaBindu Vejella
Sukanya Vejella
Scott Dorman
Emanuele Mattei
Vito Arconzo
Marco Minerva
Mickey Gousset
Stephen Schmidt
Deepak Vasudevan
Alex Januschewsky

2006 Hall Of Famers
Russ Fustino
Joe Healy
Wally B. McClure

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Featured Developers

Damir Tomicic
President of Ineta Europe, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP Solutions Architect and Founde

Steve C. Orr
Steve C. Orr is an ASP Insider, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), Certified ScrumMast

Marlon Grech
Marlon is a .Net Specialist at Uniblue Systems. On his spare ti

Rachel Appel
Rachel Appel lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is the senior technology consultant at Appel Con

Brendan Enrick
Brendan Enrick works as a Software Developer for Lake Quincy Media. He is an ASP Alliance author and


2/19/08 - 2008 Hall of Famers inducted
17 New members to the Community Credit Hall of fame were inducted. You can read about them and the reasons why they were inducted on the Hall of Fame page.

1/25/08 - Grafitti AddOn released
Keyvan Nayyeri just release a Grafitti AddOn for Community Credit. It is actually part of a bigger package of REALLY Cool AddOn's that you should definitely check out. You can check it out in Keyvan's Grafitti Extra's CodePlex project.

1/17/08 - Community Credit Toolkit released
Keyvan Nayyeri just release a toolkit for community credit to simplify the use of the Community Credit Web Services. If you are using the web services in your community or would like to, I would recommend checkint it out in Keyvan's CodePlex Project.

10/15/07 - We have a new Newsletter Editor.
Everybody congratulate Lou Vega as our new newsletter editor. We may now have newsletters that go out on a regular basis.

05/30/07 - Newsletter changed to use Constant Contact. The newsletters will no longer be accessible online, but they will look alot better.

2/19/06 - Newsletter Section has been added. The current and past newsletters can be found in the new Newsletters page.

11/18/06 - Newsgroup Submissions Get Automatic Credit For those hardcore posters in public newsgroups, you can now get automatic credit for your contributions. If you are interested in this feature, just drop me an email at

11/01/06 - Big Contest: a Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Suite with MSDN® Premium Subscription! If you are the most active discussion board poster in the last two months of 2006, you will be the winner. Simple as that! details...

08/02/06 - Community Server AddOn Released Get Community Credit automatically for your blogs and discussion posts. Check it out

07/23/06 - Discussion Board Added You can now post discussions in our new forums. Check it out

02/24/06 - Web Service Beta Program started. You can now integrate Community Credit Web Services into your own website. If you are a website owner that would like to automatically reward your members for their contributions, please take a look at our Affiliate Program

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