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  • Community Credit Winners recognized in August 2007

    Let's see who was recognized with geeky gifts in August 2007 ...
    Note: As always, our prize list with all of the past winners can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"

    The folks listed below have truly exceeded in their contributions to the development community and have been rewarded with some really geeky prizes. How did they win? They simply went above and beyond in their contributions to the development community and logged their contributions here and the geeks with the most points at the end of August 2007 Contest won one of the prizes shown below. 

    But first... a word from our Sponsor:
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    And now, onto the winners
    Grand Prize Winner:David Betz with 110,500 Points points won a Spi-Dog as Spiderman

    1st Prize Winner:David Walker with 64,000 Points points won a Hydrodynamic Building Set

    2nd Prize Winner:Satheesh Babu with 56,000 Points points won a Cow Catapult

    3rd Prize Winner:HimaBindu Vejella with 47,700 Points points won a USB Panic Button

    4th Prize Winner:Jonas Stawski with 30,600 Points points won a USB Roll Up Chess Set

    5th Prize Winner:Michael Wells with 30,000 Points points won a USB Kitty

    5th Prize Winner:Steven McDonald with 17,300 Points points won a USB Mini Fridge

    6th Prize Winner:Rupali Gulande with 13,500 Points points won a Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

    7th Prize Winner:Michele Locuratolo with 13,375 Points points won a Hex Bug from Bandai

    8th Prize Winner:Jeff Barnes with 13,000 Points points won a Amazing Puzzle Bank

    9th Prize Winner:aneesh retnakaran with 12,687 Points points won a The ScapeGoat

    10th Prize Winner:Richard Dudley with 12,500 Points points won a The Dipping Bird

    12th Prize Winner:Vito Arconzo with 12,390 Points points won a Cable Cat

    13th Prize Winner:David Carpenter with 11,000 Points points won a Cube in Cube Brainteaser Puzzle

    14th Prize Winner:Anand Narayanaswamy with 10,980 Points points won a Battery Eater

    15th Prize Winner:Emanuele Origgi with 10,850 Points points won a Smart Mass Putty

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  • Community Credit Prizes for August 2007

    Note: As always, our prize list can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"Check it out to see past prizes and contest winners.

    The items below show the prizes that you can win at Community-Credit this month(August 2007 ). You can have a chance at earning one of these prizes by contributing to the development community this month.  Simply log your contributions (points awarded for close to 100 types) and the geeks with the most points at the end of August 2007 Contest will win one of the prizes shown below. You can also see the past winners and prizes on our Stupid Prize Page.

    But first... a word from our Sponsor:
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    Onto this Month's Prizes...
    Grand Prize: The Customizable Interactive Robot Kit

    Made by Erector, makers of metal construction kit toys since 1913, this motorized robot has pre-programmed movements and sounds, bringing the robot to life and making it capable of walking, dancing, and actions common toys cannot replicate. The kit has more than 500 pieces and comes with a battery-powered drill which even newby engineers can use to assemble the robot. The drill doubles as the motor that drives the robots movement and the USB device that connects to a PC for downloading music and pre-programmed movements from the Internet.

    1st Prize: Animated Homer Simpson Multi-USB Port

    It's completely practical, honest. Plug in with up to four extra USB ports and every time you do, Homer celebrates with a quick spin and his trademark celebratory howl (you can turn off the sound and/or spin action if your office is not hip to Homer humor).

    2nd Prize: Doctor Who Action Figure with R/C K9

    We love dogs. And we love robots. And when you cram a robot into dog form, it makes us happier than watching an Ewok get pwned by a plasma grenade. Yeah . . . that happy. Whether its Aibo, Muffit II, or Goddard, we loves 'em all. Especially K9. Is it because he's had a few upgrades over the years (both in hardware, software, or the Doctor's physical manifestation)? Or is it because he's the only robot dog we know who can play fetch with a Sonic Screwdriver? We're not sure. But we like him. So there.

    3rd Prize: Yoda Slippers

    Seek the wisdom of a master in these super-soft, comfy-design plush slippers, each stitched with wonderful 3-D details and authentic colors.

    4th Prize: The Bog Monster

    A hillarious practical potty joke for big time toilet laughs. Gruesome green latex rubber monster attaches with suction cups under seat and inside lid to remain hidden until lid is lifted. Then-Yikes! Look out! Up and out comes the monster!

    5th Prize: Illuminating Car Slippers

    Remarkably bright LED lights are triggered by your footsteps and light up the floor 30 feet in front of you; ultra-soft plush style are extra comfortable and cozy warm.

    6th Prize: Speed Racer: Mach 5 Mini Radio Control Car

    Now you can take the wheel of Racer X's supercharged X9 Shooting Star with this radio-controlled 1:64-scale mini. Part collector's item and part toy, it features easy controls as well as a quick recharging time of less than one minute

    7th Prize: The Simpsons - Duff Dice Game

    Duff Dice is a fast paced bluffing game. Call forth your competitive spirit and lie, lie, lie your way to victory!

    8th Prize: Nintendo Action Figure

    Who knows what we would have done as kids with Nintendo Action Figures. Back then, video games didn't have action figures... action figures were reserved for things like movies and bad cartoons. But we can't help imaging the youthful joy of inviting our friends over for an action figure smackdown featuring Yoshi, Darth Vader, Mario and Optimus Prime. Mario would have reigned victorious of course, after jumping on the heads of his opponents and decimating them with fireballs. Now decades later you can fulfill your dreams with these nifty Nintendo Action Figures. Choose either Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Mario, Fire Mario, or Goomba.

    9th Prize: Carpet Skates

    Low friction can be our friend. Like when (wearing only socks on your feet) you slide across that small bit of smooth tile in your office lobby. But wouldn't it be fun to be able to slide around the rest of your carpeted office? Well, good thing for all of us that those little sliders to move heavy furniture were invented. Because the same guy who thought of those also thought to strap some to his feet. And Carpet Skates were born (true story). Strap a pair over your office shoes and be ready for a wild ride. They have ridges on the bottom under your toes to help you grip the carpet as you build up speed (and also to slow down). And then, sliiiiiiiiiide! Practice hard and you'll be skating around like you're on ice instead of carpet. Got to deliver a memo down the hall? Why not deliver it in style! So stop walking around your office and start sliding. It's the best way to make a classy entrance (or quick exit)!

    10th Prize: The Metallic Red Ladybug Mouse

    The USB ladybug mouse by Brando looks just like a real ladybug with a beautiful red body and big black dots. The wheel button can also be used as a third button and since there's no mouse ball, you won't have parts to clean.

    10th Prize: Mirror Clock

    See at a glance the time, month, date, day, and indoor temperature-and check your hair or makeup. Framed in aluminum, a glass mirror doubles as a clock. Hang it on a wall or use the easel back to stand it on a desk, table, or shelf.

    11th Prize: Stress Express Flying Helicopter

    When the pressure builds at work, there's only one thing to do: take control, press a button on the hand-held unit, and launch the Stress Express helicopter from your seat. Your spirits will soar and your stress level drop - as you watch the minicopter take a gentle glide around your office or wherever you are. Perfect for exasperated executives, pressured presidents, and tense typists.

    11th Prize: Jenga Keychain

    Petit Jenga as Key Mascot, packaged in a special collector's edition set of Jenga blocks. This edition was produced in Japanese Jenga mania and is a Collector's Item and should not be eaten anyway! Just obey your instinct, Jenga Geeks!

    12th Prize: Star Wars PocketModel CCG

    The best tacticians in the Empire, especially those who led the Rebellion, all have one thing in common. No, not a love of Wookiee Cookies (don't ask). And, no, not a predilection for resplendent robes (Mon Mothma....grrRRrr!) They have all trained at Rondo Boda's Correspondence School of Interstellar Strategy. AND, they have all used PocketModels to hone their ship formations, battle tactics, and hyperspacial pizzazz. Time for you to get the same training, but without having to pay Rondo's slightly inflated tuition. Each pack of Star Wars PocketModels brings a slice of the movies to your home or office. You'll get up to 8 styrene ships (the smaller the ship, the more you get per pack!) which you can quickly pop out, assemble, and get into position. Suddenly any table top is transformed into deep space. You can play someone even if you each only have one pack, but the real fun is building vast armadas. Not only will you get more ships, but you'll have more tactical options and fire power (as each ship has its own unique quirks). Sure, you can always collapse them again and press them back into their packaging, but that would mean you'd have to stop playing with them. May the PocketForce be with you. Each pack contains: 4-8 (depending on ship size) random packed PocketModels, 6 Game Cards, 2 Tiny Dice, and full instructions.

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