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Community Credit Prizes for December 2007

Note: As always, our prize list can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"Check it out to see past prizes and contest winners.

The items below show the prizes that you can win at Community-Credit this month(December 2007 ). You can have a chance at earning one of these prizes by contributing to the development community this month.  Simply log your contributions (points awarded for over 100 types of contributions) and the geeks with the most points at the end of December 2007 Contest will win one of the prizes shown below. You can also see the past winners and prizes on our Stupid Prize Page.

But first... a word from our Sponsor:
This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

Onto this Month's Prizes...
Grand Prize: Metallic 2GB Video Watch with OLED Screen

For a wristwatch to be considered truly geeky it should have one of two things - the ability to play audio and video or some kind of communication functionality (like a built-in cell phone). Well, you can definitely put a big bold check mark in the "yes" column for the Metallic Video Watch with OLED Screen. With a full color screen this watch displays video and images very nicely with a 128x128 pixel resolution. The OLED screen is crisp and bright and the watch itself is surprisingly well proportioned (not thick or bulky). It also has a stylish band and metal case.

Audio is accommodated very nicely, with MP3/WMA playback and 5 equalizer modes. A built-in microphone allows recording of notes to self, meetings, conversations or various ramblings for later playback. Battery charges via USB and sports a 7 hour play time (4 hours for video playback). Available with 2GB storage capacity.

1st Prize: The Hydrogen Generating Car

This is the hydrogen-powered car that uses an on-board reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell to conduct the entire hydrogen-generating and electrolytic process. Considered to be the future of hydrogen power, PEM fuel cells require minimal warm-up time, produce virtually no heat, and have a high power-to-weight ratio, ensuring efficient use and less wear on system components. The car's reversible fuel cell uses distilled water and an electrical charge from the included solar panel to perform a 10-minute electrolytic process; hydrogen and oxygen atoms are extracted from the water and stored in separate tanks at the rear of the car. The hydrogen is slowly released to the PEM fuel cell where it reacts with oxygen to generate e lectricity that propels the car's motor and illuminates the blue LED lights. When the car encounters an obstacle, it will automatically stop, turn towards an unobstructed path, and continue driving forward.

2nd Prize: LED Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Blackbeard was just about the most ruthless pirate ever. His management style was unique, to say the least. If one of his crew misbehaved, he would drop them in a large tank full of jellyfish and delight as the jewels he kept at the bottom of the tank reflected different colors into the ballet of agony that played out before him. According to the infamous pirate's diaries, it really calmed his nerves, too. Wow. Well, while we don't recommend all that for your office, there is something we can take from this story: colorful jellyfish are relaxing.

This desktop tank holds three jellyfish which "swim" around the tank (thanks to a gently contrived current). In the top of the tank are 6 bright LEDs, which let you set the mood. You can either have them blend softly from one color to the next, or stop on your favorite color. Either way, the jellies are happy to frolic in their kaleidoscopic, quiet menace. And if one of your subordinates ever acts up, just remind him or her about the Blackbeard story...and let them know there's room in your jellyfish tank for a hand or two. Sometimes threats are all you need. Arrrgh.

3rd Prize: The Interactive Star Wars Lightsaber Game

This game plugs into a television and translates actual movement into on-screen interactive lightsaber dueling from the iconic Star Wars® movies. A spheroidal training "droid" plugs into your TV (TV not included) via an included RCA cable and wirelessly detects every movement of the lightsaber as you collaborate with on-screen representations of famous Jedi Knights such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Yoda to battle a host of adversaries including Jango Fett, Emperor Palpatine, and Darth Vader. At 15" long, the lightsaber's hilt is wide enough for two hands, but short enough for exuberant indoor play

4th Prize: T-bot Pen Drive, 1gb, Blue

With beads and springs for appendages and a dust cover for a head, T-Bot is a thumb drive with personality. But don't worry his personality is backed up by functionality. Equipped with fast USB 2.0 speeds and a Windows Vista ReadyBoost upgrade, you can trust your data to T-Bot! Requires Microsoft Windows Me/2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS 9+. Colors vary

5th Prize: Optimash Prime Mr. Potato Head

There's a war going on, people, right under our noses. Highly advanced robotic life forms are battling each other, all the while hiding from human sight. But no more; it's time for us to spill the beans, so to speak. At first we thought these robots were only turning into cars and planes and 80's boomboxes, but now they have devised a new tactic. They are transforming (if you'll pardon the term) into vegetables. How a giant robot can turn into a semi truck and a potato, we'll never know. But it's a truth we must accept.

**Get it? 'Cause taters have eyes, plural? Get it? Oh, nevermind.

6th Prize: "My Entire Life" T-Shirt

If you have seen the show "Chuck", you may have noticed him wearing this t-shirt in one of the episodes. It is an instant favorite of mine.

7th Prize: Soda Can Robot Kit

Playing with your food is fun (the burger monster helping you drink your Bawls and such). But what happens when lunch is over and all that is left is some balled up wrappers and an empty soda can? That's when it's time to start playing with your trash! Luckily, the empty soda can is a perfect fit for the Soda Can Robot Kit you just put together. And the burger wrapper? Make a hat and get ready to play.

The Soda Can Robot kit is an easy to assemble, no-soldering-required kit of pure joy. Just follow the instructions (some of the best we've even seen) and slip in a soda can to act as the body. Flip the on switch and your Soda Can Robot will begin vibrating and jittering around your desk. And if you don't have an empty soda can, you can always use the Soda Can Robot to shake up a full one. Then, give it to your boss. After the soda has exploded all over him or her, you'll be free to use the empty can for your Robot. Your boss will laugh and give you a raise (boss' reactions will vary).

8th Prize: Boba Fett Bobble Head

Ok, so think back to before the prequels diluted all that was cool about Star Wars. Imagine back before all the Stormtroopers were all clones, and were just goobers in white. Before Jango's son was revealed to be yet another genetic replica, Boba Fett ruled the stars. Sure he fell into a big pit of teeth to be digested over many years, but before that, he was great. So great, in fact, that this bounty hunter extraordinaire thought of a side job to cash in on his fame. He knew where the big money was - not in catching bounty, but in merchandising.

That's right, before he took a bile bath in the Sarlaac pit, Boba invested in a line of bobble heads in his own image. Each one looks just like the skilled hunter. It even has his little name on the base. Tap his head and bobble, bobble, bobble. Rumor has it Boba Fett eventually escaped from the Sarlaac (if you believe in the Expanded Universe), but one thing is sure: nothing will make you happier than celebrating Boba Fett's awesomeness with an officially licensed Boba Bobbler. A portion of all proceeds goes to the EEF (Ewok Eradication Fund), a charity close to Mr. Fett's heart.

9th Prize: Mini Solar-Powered Car

Solar cars are, unfortunately, still in the research and development phase, although we saw one recently that drove from Texas to New York in 5 days. Despite being impressive, it'll likely be years before we have one sitting in the driveway, charging. Until then this working miniature model will have to keep us entertained.

The world's smallest solar powered car - it zooms along when the sun shines on the solar panel. No batteries - it gets its power just from the sun. No assembly required. Measures a tiny 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.4 cm. When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity that turns the motor and the wheels. A fun demonstration of solar power. Will also work when close to a strong artificial light source.

10th Prize: Cubicaller Cubicle Doorbell

Tired of co-workers barging into your cube without invitation? Do you jump whenever a cubemate materializes silently behind you and taps your shoulder? Install a cubicle doorbell so visitors can civilly announce their arrival. Choose from 3 volume levels and 12 sounds, from "ding dong" to "aroooga" to "quack quack." Includes adhesive squares.

11th Prize: Funkey

U.B. Funkeys™ - the collectable figures that unlock a virtual world filled with games and items. Play the games in the zones you unlock to earn coins to buy items you can customize your “crib” with. Post your virtual world crib online for all of your friends to see!

I don't usually include websites in the description, but they have a very cool site that shows you the world of Funkeys. Check it out

12th Prize: MouseRug

MouseRugs combine stunning woven art image designs from all over the world with the luxurious feel of Lextra fibers. Far more than a mouse pad, this functional art also makes an executive gift that will be used and appreciated for many years.

13th Prize: Mood Beams

Certain things in life are curiously captivating: campfires, tropical fish tanks, clothes spinning around in a washing machine and, of course, Connie Chung singing. But as far as ambient mood lighting goes we've never seen anything quite as mesmerizing as Mood Beams.

14th Prize: Artoo Potatoo

At first just a standard astromech tuber, Artoo Potatoo became one of the Rebellion's greatest assets. Braving all sorts of perils (like being scalloped or mashed), Artoo delivered Princess Tater's hologram message to a young hero-to-be: Luke Frywalker. Later, alongside Luke, Artoo helped bring down Darth Tater and his Death Starfruit, cementing his place as a galactic hero.

Now you can bring this little spud to your home or office. Thrill as you arrange and rearrange all the pieces of little Artoo. You'll never question how much fun you can have with a robotic spud. The only question you'll have is: is it Po-tay-too or Po-tah-too?

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TimmyJohn said:

First prize is excellent. In future vehicles must be like this. Grand prize is also excellent

December 3, 2007 3:01 AM

JyotiSharma said:

Grand and First Prize are really so good.

December 3, 2007 6:45 AM

LouVega said:

I dunno - I kinda dig the Boba Fett Bobble Head and the Artoo Potatoo! :)

December 4, 2007 7:24 AM

RiaMerin said:

This month my target is to get grand prize. Because I like it very much.

December 4, 2007 12:28 PM

LouVega said:

My wife actually got me the Boba Fett Bobble Head for Christmas :)

December 27, 2007 9:07 PM
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