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Community Credit Play By Play - Top Guy drops to 2nd spot and Marco Rises

Some interesting changes in the top spots.  For starters, Emanuele has dropped from the top spot.  He actually seemd to be running away far beyond anybody's chances of overtaking him.  He was well beyond 100K and then something went terribly wrong.  After reviewing some of the submissions of new articles, it seems as though they were actually created a while back and submitted as articles rather than article reposts.  So, to remedy the situation, we have put his submissions back to an unprocessed point and will review them and check that they were actually created on the submission date entered.  If they were not actually created in December, they will be categorized as reposts.  My prediction is that they some will count as articles and some won't.  Emanuele will probably not be at the over 100K point that he was at earlier, but will do pretty well and may still claim that very top spot.

Marco Minerva has actually moved into the current top slot.  Congrats Marco!  I can't say how long he will be there, but for the moment, enjoy the limelight.

Raffaele Garofalo is shooting up the ranks with some great activity, including a brand new english blog website just published this month,

Deepak Vasudevan is also climbing the ranks pretty quickly.  Deepak has a history of being one of the most active members of the development community that I can think of and he is sure to make a good showing this month.

Chris Williams continues to keep in the top ranks, but the curve makes it 4 times more difficult than it would normally be.  I do believe that he would be securely in the top spot if the curve was not in place.  Still he maintains what may be the highest spot ever for somebody under a curve.

There are also a number of new faces that I am always happy to see and Italy seems to really be representing this month, holding 3 out of the top 4 spots.  Go Italy!!! The last few days of the month are upon us and ANYTHING can happen...

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