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  • The INETA Community Champion Award

    INETA Rewards those Active in the User Group Community

    An XBox or MSDN Subscription to the 10 Most Active Contributors in the User Group Community each quarter.

    How?  By doing what you are doing already, you stand to win:

    a) Valuable Prizes: An MSDN Subscription.  And, if you already have one, you can choose an XBox instead.


    XBox MSDN Professional Subscription
    XBox            MSDN Subscription

    b) The Fame and Prestige of having an award to hang on your wall that shows that INETA recognizes your contributions to the User Group Community.

    Champion Award

    c) Official Recognition on the INETA Website  for one year. 

    All of your peers will be able to see that you stand out above the crowd. If the opportunity presents itself for you to show your dedication to the User Group Community in a public way, there is no better way than to show off your name highlighted on the website of a highly respected organization like INETA.

    d) A Badge for your website showing that you are a Community Champion.

    When folks visit your website, blog or any other place where you publicly post your work, they will see that you are a Community Champion.

    Oooohhhh. Recognition by INETA? Valuable Prizes? An award to hang on my wall? A Badge?  How can I participate?

    Well, I am glad that you asked.

    INETA has long been known for it's support of User Groups and this year, there are a number of great new programs supporting the User Group Community.  The Community Champs program is one of them.  INETA wants to recognize individuals who are demonstrating their involvement in the User Group community.  The program is aimed at rewarding those that are the most active with the prizes and award mentioned above.  It is INETA's way of recognizing the ones that really bring the community together.  So, in short, if you are the kind of person who helps to run user group meetings, codecamps, or helps out in any number of other ways, you should let INETA know the kind of activities that you are involved in.  If you are very active, you may be recognized by INETA in a very public and spectacular way for the activities that you currently do to help the user group community.

    INETA and Community-Credit are making it happen.

    Community Credit has been helping to recognize fellow developers for the past number of years for their accomplishments and INETA has been the mainstay of User Groups for many years, so it is no surprise that the two would be working together to make this great program possible.  Best of all, the contributions that you record will also count toward Community Credit prizes, so you may even have a chance to be rewarded with a Geeky, Community Credit prize as an added bonus.

    How do I submit my contributions?

    Visit the INETA website and go to the Champions section, sign in and let INETA know what you are doing by recording your contributions.  The current quarterly period counts for contributions during period of  June 30th, 2007 to June 30th, 2008.  The final submissions can be made until July 14th.  Keep in mind that the end of this current quarter is coming up pretty soon, so if you have been very active over the last year, be sure to enter them soon so that you don't miss this great opportunity.

    What are the benefits of participating?

    If you are an individual who is always contributing to the User Group Community, you do it because you like it.  You don't do it because you expect to be rewarded.  At the same time, if you just happen to be rewarded and recognized then that makes it that much better.  Imagine playing on an XBox that you received as a thanks for all of your hard work.  It makes the games just a little bit more fun.  Using your MSDN subscription that you "earned" makes the tools just a little bit better and seeing the award hanging on your wall is a reminder to you and your colleagues just how committed you are.

    Can anybody participate?

    Unfortunately, the current period (being our first) is for participants in North America only.


    If you have any thought, comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the INETA Community Champions Team

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  • The INETA Community Excellence Award

    In addition to the INETA Community Champion award, another really exciting new program that INETA has launched this year is the Community Excellence Award

    The INETA Community Excellence Award is given to individuals for their extraordinary efforts and prolonged contributions to the developer community at both the local and national levels. Through their commitment and passion, these people have made profound impacts that will be sustained for years. In honor of their accomplishments, the Community Excellence Award is a one-time award of recognition that will last a lifetime.

    There are many great leaders in our midst, so we are counting on the developer community to nominate the people who you believe most deserve this recognition. The INETA Champs Selection committee will then select the recipients from the most compelling nominations.

    The first Community Champions Recipients have been announced and you can see them on the Community Excellence section of the INETA website.  If you know of somebody who has spent year after year contributing to the User Group Community, please take a moment to nominate them so that they have an opportunity to be recognized for their dedication and work.
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  • Community Credit Prizes for June 2008

    Note: As always, our prize list can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"Check it out to see past prizes and contest winners.

    The items below show the prizes that you can win at Community-Credit this month(June 2008 ). You can have a chance at earning one of these prizes by contributing to the development community this month.  Simply log your contributions (points awarded for over 100 types of contributions) and the geeks with the most points at the end of June 2008 Contest will win one of the prizes shown below. You can also see the past winners and prizes on our Stupid Prize Page.

    But first... a word from our Sponsor: StupidCubicle.com
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, StupidCubicle.com . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    Onto this Month's Prizes...
    Grand Prize: Video EyeWear

    Basically these space age shades are your very own take anywhere 50 inch movie screen. Weighing in at just 68g, ezVision Video specs plug into your iPod Video or any portable video/movie/DVD player and screens your movies in such a way that it seems as though you're looking at a huge screen. They allow you to zone out from the world around you and get right into the movie, slide show, or whatever. There are retractable headphones that are built into the arms of the specs, so you can truly plug-in and zone-out. Watch movies in bed without disturbing your better half, chill out on the train in front of a top film, or plug in in-flight and free yourself from those horrible little seat-back screens.

    1st Prize: Mario Kart Race Set

    It's a race to the finish-line with your favorite Nintendo® characters, Mario and Donkey Kong! Kart-racing action takes place on a slot car track where you dont need banana peels to spinout! Think you can handle the curves?

    2nd Prize: USB Fridge

  • This USB Fridge is the only way to keep your drink cold while you're at your computer and it looks cool on any desktop.
  • You can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer longer.
  • Just minutes after plugging in the USB Fridge the cold plater chills to the perfect temperature for helping keep your beverage cool.
  • Takes 5 minutes to bring the fridge down to 8°C (47°F).
  • Blue LED lighting effects.
  • Easy installation, no driver required, plug & play.
  • Powered by USB with 4 feet of cable.
  • Compatible with all platforms.
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 9 x 8cm

  • 3rd Prize: USB R/C Mini Car w/Garage

    Every morning you do the same thing. You get up, brush your teeth (hopefully), get dressed, and drive to work. You sit looking at the same cars and the same tired faces also participating in the great morning commute. You get to work and sit at your desk, a new day of the same old sh...stuff. Wouldn't you just love, for once, to drive during the week and not hit traffic? Well, now you can - right on your own desk - with the USB R/C Mini Car w/Garage.

    Just plug the garage into your USB port, load up the software, and give the car about 10 minutes to charge (inside its garage). Once it's done, open the garage door and drive the car out using your keyboard's arrow keys. And if that pesky coffee mug gets in the way again, hit the space bar to honk your horn. But really, there isn't any traffic on your desk, so you should enjoy a wonderfully relaxing drive. Take a right at the coffee mug, then a left at the stapler, and cruise on to Funsville (population: you).

    4th Prize: Engine-gear Clock

    This fascinating clock will keep you captivated, entertained and on-time. Glass face reveals the intricate moving gears and pays homage to the intricate beauty of the clock’s mechanism. Elegant and stately timepiece stands on desk or mounts on wall.

    5th Prize: TIX Led Clock

    Patterns can be found everywhere in life. In our DNA, in cloud formations, during a chess game, in your code, in your deviant behaviors, and even in your bottle of Bawls. Patterns give us clues. Clues give us information. Information makes the world a happier place (not necessarily a safer happier place though). In the case of the Tix clock, the patterns can give you the time.

    Millions of patterns are possible with the futuristic-looking Tix clock, yet the clock is extremely simple to read once you grasp the basic concept. The four seperate fields act like the four digits of a digital clock. The value of each digit is simply the number of illuminated squares in each field. So any given time of the day may have thousands of different ways of displaying the time. The clocks in the image are displaying the time 12:34. It's that easy! Of course your friends are just going to take a look at your Tix clock and think it's just modern LED art. Dullards...

    Please note that the image to your left shows the clock static. However, you can set your Tix clock to update every second so that you end up with a constantly evolving change of patterns that reveals to you the time.

    6th Prize: Office Space Milton Bobblehead

    Rumpled, disgusted and filled with cataclysmic rage, Milton is anchored to reality by his red Swingline stapler. Even as Milton is indirectly fired from his job, his office possessions ransacked, his office cubicle downgraded to the storage basement, Milton hangs on to his precarious sanity---until Lumbergh decides to take the coveted Swingline too.

    Milton complains and mutters incoherently, incubating inside his narrow office cubicle while he clings relentlessly to his stapler, having no idea that he’s been fired because no one will broach the actual subject. The taking of the Swingline officially pushes Milton beyond the brink. Milton returns to start a fire, jabbing Lumbergh at the empty core exactly where it hurts by destroying a massive swath of the Initech building

    7th Prize: Inflatable Alien

    Was it coincidence there was a reported UFO sighting the same night we inflated this green alien? Start your own alien invasion!

    8th Prize: Dragon's Lair Mordoc

    Back in the day, Dragon's Lair was a true breakthrough. If you grew up with this game, you will appreciate seeing a part of this game coming to life in real world format.

    9th Prize: USB Thinklight

    Do you put in a lot of effort in the office, but feel that your time and hard work is going unnoticed? What you need is some sort of insignia to help others recognise all the hours you're putting in. The USB Thinklight helps you get noticed and provides a bit of fun along the way! Once you have installed the supplied software, just plug in the USB cable attached to the Thinklight and type as fast as you can! The faster you type, the brighter the light gets! Have this little device sat next to your computer and there is no doubt that in a dark, drab office you will stand out and shine like a bright spark!

    10th Prize: Anti Sleep Driving Alarm

    It's a pretty typical situation. You've been gaming for sixteen hours and downed plenty of Bawls and Foosh Energy Mints, but the inevitable has begun to happen - you're starting to get the dreaded drowsy head tilt. Maybe this means it's time to quit your session and get some rest. We think not. The better answer is to put on the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm and keep on going.

    A device designed for long distance truck drivers or professional drivers who run the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel, the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm rests comfortably behind your ear. If your head tilts forward more than 30 degrees a high-pitched alarm will sound and bring you back to reality. Great for gamers, students, security guards, late-night coders, secret underground bunker employees, convenience store nightshift, pilots, etc.

    11th Prize: Mooning Alien

    Intergalactic mischief maker proves pranks are universally funny.

    11th Prize: Face Bank that Eat Coins

    Save Your Money with this "Creepy but Cute" Bank. With an Object-sensitive Censor in the eyes, once you reach your hand to feed it a coin, it opens the mouth. This Robotic Piggy Bank Eats Money and Gives you Nightmares.

    12th Prize: ScreenSmasher

    The ScreenSmasher: the perfect gift for anyone who spends too much time with a computer.

    True Story. A man walked into a bar with a laptop, told everyone to cover their ears, and then shot it four times. He hung the laptop's remains on the wall like a hunting trophy.

    Millions of people suffer from Computer Rage, the intense frustration of being tormented by soulless machines. Who hasn't fantasized about smashing their computer?

    The ScreenSmasher™ is the cure for Computer Rage. When your PC makes you want to strangle someone, whack it! It really feels like you're smashing it to bits, complete with realistic graphics and glass-shattering sound effects.

    Wouldn't you love to whack your computer right now?

    13th Prize: Mini Rubber Band Artillery

    Here in the US we get the shaft when it comes to capsule toys. Gum balls, stickers, temporary tattoos... nothing good. However, amazingly in Japan instead of one of those gummy hands on a string you can get an itty bitty rubber band gun. Now you can stage a tiny stinging ambush with miniscule rubber band guns. Hand assemble each one from eight separate parts. If you buy more than one gun you can link them all together to form a whole battalion of guns. Just turn one of the cranks on the bottom and they all fire together. There are six varieties in all, each with a different flywheel. Luckily rubber bands are included.

    14th Prize: USB Desk Assortment and Gift Set

    Hey folks, grab this gift set at a great price now! It's like a tentacled USB desktop thingy, without all that dangerous tentacle baggage. Use the light to see in the dark. Use the warmer to keep that java fresh, use the lighted cup to stick stuff in and use the mini vacuum to pick up those crumbs from your flavor saver. But whatever you do, don't press the button. Really, we mean it. Don't.

    15th Prize: Dilbert Board Game

    Combat your boredom when you and up to five friends play this Dilbert board game toiling in a office of evil HR directors, accounting trolls, canine consultants, and a boss who resembles the devil. So much fun, why bother with work?

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  • Community Credit Winners Recognized in June 2008

    Let's see who was recognized with geeky gifts in June 2008 ...
    Note: As always, our prize list with all of the past winners can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"

    The folks listed below have truly exceeded in their contributions to the development community and have been rewarded with some really geeky prizes. How did they win? They simply went above and beyond in their contributions to the development community and logged their contributions here and the geeks with the most points at the end of June 2008 Contest won one of the prizes shown below. 

    But first... a word from our Sponsor: StupidCubicle.com
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, StupidCubicle.com . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    And now, onto the winners
    Grand Prize Winner: Dave Campbell with 83,200 Points points won a USB Podcast Kit

    1st Prize Winner:Don Burnett with 46,900 Points points won a Green Laser Pointer II

    2nd Prize Winner:Martin Hinshelwood with 41,000 Points points won a The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium

    3rd Prize Winner:Christopher Steen with 37,800 Points points won a USB Finger Dance Mat

    4th Prize Winner:Jeeva Paramasivan with 27,725 Points points won a Marshmallow Assault Rifle

    5th Prize Winner:Antonio Chagoury with 27,212 Points points won a USB Speed Typing Mouse

    6th Prize Winner:Vivek Thangaswamy with 23,800 Points points won a USB Warming Mouse Pad

    7th Prize Winner:Joseph Guadagno with 20,000 Points points won a Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane

    8th Prize Winner:Colin Mackay with 19,500 Points points won a USB Whack A Mole

    9th Prize Winner:Tim Heuer with 18,000 Points points won a Computer Bug Zapper

    10th Prize Winner:stan naspinski with 17,932 Points points won a Wacky Pack Sheets

    11th Prize Winner:Shawn Weisfeld with 17,000 Points points won a USB Stress Panic Button

    12th Prize Winner:Rob Foster with 16,500 Points points won a USB Security KeyThe Cubicle Doorbell

    13th Prize Winner:Michael Eaton with 16,500 Points points won a USB Fragrance Oil Drive

    14th Prize Winner:Brian Scarbeau with 16,000 Points points won a Star Trek™ Collectible Watch

    15th Prize Winner:Marco Minerva with 15,250 Points points won a Desktop Water Dispenser

    16th Prize Winner:Nick McKenna with 15,000 Points points won a Beat It Up! Computer Stress Toy

    17th Prize Winner:Michael Paladino with 14,900 Points points won a Acrobots

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  • Community Credit Prizes for May 2008

    Note: As always, our prize list can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"Check it out to see past prizes and contest winners.

    The items below show the prizes that you can win at Community-Credit this month(May 2008 ). You can have a chance at earning one of these prizes by contributing to the development community this month.  Simply log your contributions (points awarded for over 100 types of contributions) and the geeks with the most points at the end of May 2008 Contest will win one of the prizes shown below. You can also see the past winners and prizes on our Stupid Prize Page.

    But first... a word from our Sponsor: StupidCubicle.com
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, StupidCubicle.com . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    Onto this Month's Prizes...
    Grand Prize: USB Podcast Kit

    This prize was brought back by popular demand. It's an indisputable fact that our own lives, thoughts and insights are considerably more important and fascinating that anyone else's. Thanks to the internet, we can now enlighten the world with our wit and wisdom by producing our very own Podcasts. At last someone has put together the ultimate Podcasting kit that comes with everything you need to broadcast professional and fascinating (well that bit's up to you) podcasts to the planet.

    1st Prize: Green Laser Pointer II

    This pointer is significantly brighter (about 50 times) than a red laser pointer and because of its unusual color it is much more noticeable. I mean come on, a 532 nm green laser wavelength is obviously superior to a laughable 650 nm red laser wavelength. And unlike a red laser, the green beam itself can be seen in mid-air in dark conditions, not just the laser beam dot. This allows the green laser pointer to be used for pointing to star constellations (skypointing) and also just generally look cool as hell. The green laser beam dot can be seen at much greater distances than with a red laser pointer.

    2nd Prize: The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium

    The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium features three artificial jellyfishes that move in the water amid seaweed and coral reefs, and the LED backlighting highlights their movements. Each “jellyfish” has a silent, integrated motor which generates gentle currents, causing it to rise and fall in the water.

    3rd Prize: USB Finger Dance Mat

    If your chubby fingers make it hard to dial phone numbers, don't resort to buying one of those phones with over-sized buttons they make for the elderly. Instead, trim those sausages down with a little finger exercise! At first glance, this USB-powered mini 'Dance Dance' game appears to be some glorified, real-time version of Simon, with mini-lights and sounds that would only make old-school Mattel handhelds jealous. Of course, that's before you knuckle-up to the female cardboard cut-out and settle into a DDR-groove sure to burn tens of calories.

    4th Prize: Marshmallow Assault Rifle

    First, you'll notice two different barrels. The bottom barrel shoots mini marshmallows and should be used for cover and strafing fire. It is your main weapon - learn to love it. The magazine holds up to 12 mini marshmallows and is very easy to reload quickly. The top barrel will hold one regular sized marshmallow at a time. It is your grenade launcher, and you'll know when you need it. With the Marshmallow Assault Rifle, a lotta luck, and some good soldiering you might just survive to fight another day. Oh, and if you get hungry out there in the field, you can just eat your extra ammo.

    5th Prize: USB Speed Typing Mouse

    If you have your own private office, you might find yourself getting a bit lonely from time to time. This cute little pedaling mouse will keep you company and let you challenge your typing ability!

    This cute little hairy-chested mouse plugs into any USB port on your computer! The faster you type, the faster he pedals! Keep note of the number on the LCD display and set yourself challenges!

    6th Prize: USB Warming Mouse Pad

    Planning and doing some coding on one of those cold nights? Some times typing quickly doesn't quite do the trick. But you are in luck. This Warming MousePad is part mousepad, part hand warmer. It has a warmer pad inside. Once you plug it in the USB port, your hands will get warm. Great for those who live in cold places.

    7th Prize: Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane

    The Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane has a wingspan of only 8" and weighs less than 10 grams. But don't let the tiny size deceive you, this beauty is a fully functional indoor flyer with digital proportional speed control. The dual-wing design gives the Palm-Z plenty of lift, so it can fly slowly as it glides across your living room. Dock it with the remote to charge for about 10 minutes and you'll get 5 minutes of flying time to circle your dining room chandelier and bewilder your pets. As with any new R/C nugget you'll need a bit of practice to fly like a pro and having a larger sized room to fly in wouldn't hurt.

    See it in action here:

    8th Prize: USB Whack A Mole

    Everyone remembers the classic arcade game 'Whack a Mole', where you bash the head of some poor creature as it emerges from it's hole. Now you can play for free at the comfort of your own desk with this USB Whack It game.

    9th Prize: Computer Bug Zapper

    Computer Bug Zapper does blink and buzz at your command whenever a software bug is detected and destroyed. For your stress level, that may be just enough to get you through the day. And, if you're a programmer .... well, then it's your job to convince everyone around you that it works!

    Place one on your monitor today to attract those nasty Computer Bugs. It won't help, but it's fun!

    10th Prize: Wacky Pack Sheets

    If you're old enough, you may remember Wacky Packs. Issued in the late 1970's, Wacky Packs were very funny stickers featuring sick and weird twists on famous products.

    11th Prize: USB Stress Panic Button

    It is a system that works via USB and when you press the button there is a count down clock and a screensaver that take over your monitor. There are 3 different screensavers that can be used depending on the situation: A-Bomb, Working Diligently, and The Boss.

    See it in action:

    12th Prize: USB Security KeyThe Cubicle Doorbell

    So, how does someone "knock" on your cubicle? Well, one way would be to use The Cubicle Doorbell - a small device that provides a more civilized way for visitors to announce their arrival at your cubicle entrance.

    13th Prize: USB Fragrance Oil Drive

    Need a little relaxation break during work? The employee lounge is for suckers. Simply dim your monitor brightness, spin up a Kenny G disc and insert this aromatherapy device into a free USB port. You can choose between rose, peppermint, jasmine and lavendar -- three to five drops of which will take you through the day. Your coworkers will thank you with wedgies!

    Features & Specification:

  • Powered by USB, no driver required
  • Diffuse fragrance oil with your computer
  • Drop fragrance oil in the cross-shaped hole
  • 3 to 5 drops are enough for operating all day long
  • Mini size for a discrete use

  • 14th Prize: Star Trek™ Collectible Watch

    Be the envy of fellow "Trekkies" when you wear this one-of-a-kind STAR TREK™ Musical Watch that plays the original STAR TREK™ theme song at the touch of a button!

    15th Prize: Desktop Water Dispenser

    Our desktop Water Cooler-style water dispenser serves up 64 ounces of water or other liquid, all without needing to leave your chair! Place it on your desktop or end table and start burning fewer calories right away.

    16th Prize: Beat It Up! Computer Stress Toy

    This soft, desktop substitute for the real thing is a great stress ball for every desktop. Go ahead, beat it up! Does your computer ever drive you to point of insanity? What about anyone you know? When it crashes right when you want to get something simple done and it turns into hours of troubleshooting. Don't beat up your real computer, beat up the Beat it Up Computer! At only about 6" square, it won't clutter up your desk.

    17th Prize: Acrobots

    Articulated, stackable and very artistic, Acrobots feature crystal clear round heads, magnets in their hands and feet, flexible joints and the ability to contort into hundreds of shapes. Pose them gracefully and stick 'em on metallic stuff. Great to fidget with.

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