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  • Community Credit Prizes for January 2009

    Note: As always, our prize list can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"Check it out to see past prizes and contest winners.

    The items below show the prizes that you can win at Community-Credit this month(January 2009 ). You can have a chance at earning one of these prizes by contributing to the development community this month.  Simply log your contributions (points awarded for over 100 types of contributions) and the geeks with the most points at the end of January 2009 Contest will win one of the prizes shown below. You can also see the past winners and prizes on our Stupid Prize Page.

    But first... a word from our Sponsor: StupidCubicle.com
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, StupidCubicle.com . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    Onto this Month's Prizes...
    Grand Prize: Projector Keyboard

    No words can adequately describe quite how breathtakingly cool this i.Tech Virtual Keyboard is. Bluetooth enabled, it uses infrared to project a clear and crisp keyboard onto your desktop, and then transfers your keystrokes via wireless networking to your PDA, Pocket PC or smart phone - it sounds far too futuristic to be true. But it's very much for real, and it's awesome.

    This 22nd Century gadget is about half the size of your average deck of cards, sits wirelessly on any flat surface, and projects a red standard QWERTY-layout keyboard on any flat opaque surface. Using detection technology it "watches" your fingers hit the key locations it has projected, and then sends the keystrokes through to your PDA, smart phone or pocket PC via Bluetooth.

    The projected keyboard is highly visible even in strong light (though it does of course look spectacularly cool in the dark). It's highly portable as well, though it will make you look a bit of a lunatic at the local, as you will look like you're typing on nothing more than the pub table (which also raises some serious health and safety concerns), and you will of course be interrupted every fourteen seconds with someone coming over and wanting to know where they can get one.

    1st Prize: The Remote Controlled Hovering Space Surfer.

    This is the remote controlled 9" space surfer that hovers in the air, spins 360°, and moves left, right, and forward--all while levitating parallel to the ground. Capable of indoor or outdoor flights, the space surfer has dual propellers that generate enough thrust to send the device from a stationary position without requiring a hand-launch. The 27 MHz radio-frequency remote control has proportional throttle and trim settings that allow it to be precisely controlled through climbs, descents, and turns. Made from durable EPP foam, the aircraft's body withstands turbulent flights and crash landings. Pre-assembled and ready to fly, the device is powered by a rechargeable battery that recharges via the included AC adapter.

    2nd Prize: There's no place like Door/Floor mat

    Tired of people stepping all over you? Well take your frustrations out by stepping all over these choice door/floor mats. Adorned with the peculiar 'There's No Place Like' phrase, consider them your own personal wormholes to a place where users invented clue and upper management gets outsourced. Just step on 'em, click heels twice, and off you go! Perfect for both outdoor home and indoor office use alike, so that makes them extra tastylicious!

    Includes one Polypropylene surface, vinyl backed entrance mat with the phrase 'There's No Place Like' with raised printing front and center. Dimensions: 2' x 3'. Extremely hardy!

    This floor/door mat is a densely needle punched, polypropylene carpet mat that combines durability with attractive appearance. The high low surface pattern promotes aggressive cleaning action while its rugged vinyl backing provides skid resistant traction. A great mat for stopping dirt and moisture at the door and promoting cleaner, safer interior floors. Ideal for use indoors or outside and built to handle heavy traffic! Easy to keep clean by sweeping, vacuuming or spraying with an ordinary garden hose.

    Magical wormhole transporting enzymes not included.

    3rd Prize: R2 Fish Training School Kit

    Picture it: Lassie returns to the house barking. "What is it girl? Timmy's fallen down the well?" And then everyone runs to get that little fool out. But it's too late. Goldie already saved Timmy's sorry butt. Because Goldie is the goldfish you trained with your R2 Fish Training School Kit - and fish lives in the well! Ok, so that was a little overdramatic, but when you put your fish though Fish School, you'll be amazed by the talent of your little scaly friend.

    Take a sec and watch the video, we'll wait . . . done? No stunt fish or special effects were used; that was an actual fish trained using this kit. You get everything you need to teach your fish to play football, play soccer, limbo, weave, fetch, go through tubes, and more! And then you can quit your job and go on tour. It'll be just you, Twinkie the fish, and the open road. With the R2 Fish Training School Kit and a little perseverance, the world is your oyster . . . well, goldfish.

    4th Prize: Fly Stick Van de Graaff Levitation Wand

    This battery powered wand features a mini Van de Graaff generator inside. Push a button on the handle and the static charge built up in the wand causes the included 3D mylar shapes to levitate at your command. You can also do some cool tricks causing the shapes to jump back and forth from your hand to the wand. Not quite Harry Potter... but hey, we do our best for you

    5th Prize: Plasma Bulb Night Light

    Plasma is the fourth state of matter. When a solid melts, becomes gaseous, and is stripped of its electrons, it becomes a plasma. Plasma has found uses in wide-screen TV sets, fusion generator research, and has even been focused into saber like devices and offensive bolts! Now, we've harnessed the massive potential of plasma by using it to gently illuminate your bedroom.

    We all know that the monsters under your bed and in your closet are only afraid of light - it's a documented fact! The challenge becomes, how to generate enough light to scare away the monsters, and yet still let you sleep through the night. This plasma bulb nightlight does just that, filling your room with the soothing purple-glow of electrons cascading back down to the ground state.

    The Plasma Bulb Night Light fits lovingly into your 110v US power outlet, and will last for years. It generates light with only a teensy bit of heat, so don't worry about the kids or your drapes. Just bask in the glow, and sleep easy.

    6th Prize: USB Desktop Dunk

    You may think this is just another silly USB desktop toy, and it is, but it's not! Sure it's cheesy looking and, to be honest, we don't even typically plug it in or use the score keeper or the included fake fan cheering. It's plenty fun as just a mechanical desktop toy. Just put it on your desk, and before you know it, co-workers will be flocking to your desk and you've got a real game going! It takes a little skill to bounce the included mini-basketballs off your desk and into the hoop. But once you figure it out, you'll be finger dunking like a pro. And you'll barely break a sweat.

    7th Prize: Office Monkeys Playset

    These monkeys have not heard of business casual, as they are all dressed up in their finest (just like some of the monkeys in your office, we're guessing). The Office Monkeys Playset is a great stress reliever. Name the monkeys after folks in your office - and where you go from there is up to you. You can recreate office drama, act out fictional office playlets, or just throw them across the room if their real-life counterparts make you angry (it's a lot safer and easier on the back then throwing the real person across the room). Monkeying around was never so much fun.

    8th Prize: Magic IQ Gift Box

    If you want something good sometimes you need to work for it. Look at your ungrateful friends and relatives. You give them nice gifts and get a half-hearted "thank you" with no true appreciation for the time you took from your busy gaming schedule to visit a physical store and select something. Finally with the Magic IQ Gift Box you can give a gift and gain evil vicarious enjoyment for yourself. This devious box of delight can be used to store a small gift, then you can give it to your unsuspecting giftee and watch the fun begin. With no obvious opening, latch, or moving parts your gift recipient will struggle in frustration as they are dominated by the task of opening a simple wooden box.

    The Magic IQ Gift Box is not the same as those Chinese puzzle boxes you may have seen before with multiple sliding parts you push in a certain order. It features a simple mechanism that's a snap to open if you know how, but really frustrating when you don't. Try as you might to slide all the edges and corners of this box... nothing seems to move. No instructions of any kind are included so you'll need to figure out how to open the Magic IQ Gift Box beforehand and insert your gift...

    9th Prize: Japanese Popping Edamame Keychain

    Edamame are baby soybeans, picked before they blossom into adulthood, and boiled. Edamame are also delicious and fun to pop out of their pods (especially when they shoot across a crowded restaurant and you have to explain to a room full of people how the 5 second rule still applies in public). But say you want the fun of popping edamame, but you're not very hungry. Oh, then have we got the keychain for you!

    Each Japanese Popping Edamame Keychain has three beans. The end beans are small and immature. The middle bean, however, has one of 12 random faces printed on it. Why? We don't know, but there is nothing like the smile it puts on your face. And the beans are connected to some sort of elastic band, so they pop back in to be popped again as many times as you want. It sounds silly, but trust us, these things are highly addictive. They are also a great way to keep your fingers busy during boring meetings and your mood positive - because no one can frown when their edamame smiles.

    10th Prize: The Annoy-a-tron 2.0

    Now that they've mostly recovered from the twisted mind maze that was the original Annoy-a-tron, send them on a new journey of "self discovery" with version 2.0 Now featuring 6 sound choices plus volume control, it's at least twice as fun (and annoying) as the original. For effective deployment, we humbly suggest the following sound and volume combinations, but you can conduct your own field research for more insight.


    • 15kHz (Mosquito tone** - young folks can hear it, older folks cannot!) (full volume)
    • Cricket chirping (medium/low volume)
    • IM Doorbell (low volume)
    • Grating Electronic noise (full volume)
    • Typical Electronic Beep (medium volume)


      The cricket sound is interesting because someone will instinctively look near the ground when trying to locate a cricket. So, placing the Annoy-a-tron several feet or more above the ground will help to obscure its location. The 15kHz sound is also interesting because this frequency range of sound cannot be heard by everyone. In older adults or those with deteriorated hearing (a condition known as presbycusis) this high frequency sound will not be audible, while others will clearly hear the sound and find it quite annoying. They also might think they are going crazy when people nearby report that they don't hear anything.

      Assuming you have done your part in selecting a suitable hiding location for the Annoy-a-tron, it will do its part to drive your co-workers slowly mad with its short and seemingly random beeps. And when someone does locate the Annoy-a-tron, they're really not going to know what it is - which is almost as much fun as watching them search for it. Muahaha.

      The Annoy-a-tron 2.0 takes one CR2450 battery (included) and measures approximately: 2.5" x 1.5" x .35". It will run for over 4 weeks on a single battery.

      ** - The 'Mosquito Tone' is a frequency that young people can hear but older folks cannot. Sometimes younger folks cannot hear it and sometimes older folks can hear it, but, in general, it's called the 'Teen Buzz' tone. When you can hear it, trust us, it's annoying. Dogs agree.

    11th Prize: Cubicaller Cubicle Doorbell

    Tired of co-workers barging into your cube without invitation? Do you jump whenever a cubemate materializes silently behind you and taps your shoulder? Install a cubicle doorbell so visitors can civilly announce their arrival. Choose from 3 volume levels and 12 sounds, from "ding dong" to "aroooga" to "quack quack." Includes adhesive squares.

    12th Prize: Mario Kart Wiimote Projector Light

    If you had a tiny keychain that looked like a itty bitty Wiimote what would you expect it to do? How about project images of Mario Kart characters on the wall? You're in luck because that's exactly what the Mario Kart Wiimote Projector Light does. Simply push the tiny "1" button on the Wiimote and an internal LED projects one of 6 different Mario Kart characters. Collect all six versions.

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  • Community Credit Winners Recognized in December 2008

    Let's see who was recognized with geeky gifts in December 2008 ...
    Note: As always, our prize list with all of the past winners can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"

    The folks listed below have truly exceeded in their contributions to the development community and have been rewarded with some really geeky prizes. How did they win? They simply went above and beyond in their contributions to the development community and logged their contributions here and the geeks with the most points at the end of December 2008 Contest won one of the prizes shown below. 

    But first... a word from our Sponsor: StupidCubicle.com
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, StupidCubicle.com . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    And now, onto the winners
    Grand Prize Winner:Chris Hammond with 66,200 Points points won a Handpresso Portable Espresso Maker

    1st Prize Winner:Chris Williams with 66,000 Points points won a LED Binary Watch

    2nd Prize Winner:Antonio Chagoury with 49,600 Points points won a Micro R/C 4-Channel Flying Saucer

    3rd Prize Winner:Laurent Duveau with 35,500 Points points won a Tetris Wall decal. Fun Kit 7 Colours

    4th Prize Winner:Mike Brown with 33,000 Points points won a Puzzle Cube Alarm Clock

    5th Prize Winner: Dave Campbell with 26,000 Points points won a Rocket Alarm Clock

    6th Prize Winner:Pietro Libro with 24,975 Points points won a Star Trek Tribbles

    7th Prize Winner:Carey Payette with 23,000 Points points won a USB Owl

    8th Prize Winner:Joseph Guadagno with 21,200 Points points won a Star Trek Retro Action Figures

    9th Prize Winner:Will Strohl with 20,500 Points points won a Stickman Action Figure

    10th Prize Winner:Tim Heuer with 19,500 Points points won a Fruit Powered Clock

    11th Prize Winner:Sandeep Aparajit with 18,800 Points points won a Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom

    12th Prize Winner:Colin Eberhardt with 16,575 Points points won a Wasabi Gumballs

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  • Community Credit Prizes for December 2008

    Note: As always, our prize list can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"Check it out to see past prizes and contest winners.

    The items below show the prizes that you can win at Community-Credit this month(December 2008 ). You can have a chance at earning one of these prizes by contributing to the development community this month.  Simply log your contributions (points awarded for over 100 types of contributions) and the geeks with the most points at the end of December 2008 Contest will win one of the prizes shown below. You can also see the past winners and prizes on our Stupid Prize Page.

    But first... a word from our Sponsor: StupidCubicle.com
    This month we are happy to have a brand new sponsor. It is our sister site, StupidCubicle.com . The site only has a few products right now, but they are cool products. Be sure to give them some love.  Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

    Onto this Month's Prizes...
    Grand Prize: Video EyeWear

    Basically these space age shades are your very own take anywhere 50 inch movie screen. Weighing in at just 68g, ezVision Video specs plug into your iPod Video or any portable video/movie/DVD player and screens your movies in such a way that it seems as though you're looking at a huge screen. They allow you to zone out from the world around you and get right into the movie, slide show, or whatever. There are retractable headphones that are built into the arms of the specs, so you can truly plug-in and zone-out. Watch movies in bed without disturbing your better half, chill out on the train in front of a top film, or plug in in-flight and free yourself from those horrible little seat-back screens.

    1st Prize: Star Wars Darth Vader USB Hub

    Embrace the dark side every day with this animated Darth Vader USB hub.

    His eyes light up red as he moves his head from side to side and performs his trademark heavy breathing. Push button activation or select random intervals throughout the day. Plug a peripheral in and Vader activates to the sound of a light saber.

    2nd Prize: Personal Soundtrack Shirt

    The Personal Soundtrack Shirt is an amazing new wearable audio solution that features a working speaker embedded into the front of the shirt. When you push the appropriate button on the pocketable remote you get music or sound effects appropriate for any situation... everything from drum roll, to cat call whistle, to western showdown. Check out the chart below to see the extensive list of built in sounds and suggestions on using them for dramatic punctuation in your everyday life.

    Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt In Action



    3rd Prize: Lego Calendar

    Supplied in three blocks displaying day, month and year which can, thanks to their Lego brick type design be assembled at will, each yellow, white and red block measures in at 80mm square with the click over display being changeable with a simple depression of each of the blocks.

    4th Prize: Puzzle Calendar

    Your desktop calendar. Look at it. All plain and vanilla-boring. Blue squares on white paper, perhaps scribbled with dentist appointments or Mom's birthday. Maybe there's a cute calico-kitten-photo above that says "Hang in there!" It's enough to make you want to rethink your very existence.

    Lucky for you, the calendar you use to keep track of days of the week and major events is made from puzzle tiles. Not only does the Puzzle Calendar keep your brain wrapped around your busy schedule, but it keeps your fidgety fingers occupied - it's got the added bonus of letting you play with puzzle tiles while on the job.

    5th Prize: Despair, Inc. 2009 Custom Calendar

    Each calendar is a work of staggering depression and includes twelve Demotivators and chock filled with a plethora of depressing dates. We've meticulously combed through the annals of important techie dates and presents them to you in this one-of-a-kind 200 calendar from Despair, Inc.

    Some sample dates of import:

    • August 4th, 1997 - Skynet goes online. After starting a nuclear war, sends Terminators into the past.
    • May 22nd, 1973 - Ethernet invented. Thus begins the ascendancy of the geek.
    • September 19th - Talk like a pirate day.
    • March 10th, 2000 - The Dot Com Bubble bursts. ROFLCOPTER.
    • July 9th, 1982 - Theatrical release of TRON. Always remember arcade culture. Always.
    • July 5th, 1687 - Newton's Principia is published. Math classes now more difficult with the introduction of this new fangled calculus stuff.
    • November 16th, 1952 - Shigeru Miyamoto's birthday. As a baby, he enjoys collecting coins.
    • October 4th, 2004 - SpaceShipOne wins the Ansari X Prize for private spaceflight. Flying car still not invented.
    • June 20th - It's International Take Your Dog To Work Day. Mailmen rejoice.
    • April 4th, 1984 - Winston Smith begins his diary.
    • April 23rd - International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day -
    • And dozens and dozens more!

    6th Prize: USB Powered Cow Slippers

    With this USB Heating Slippers, you don't need to worry your feet getting chilled anymore when you are working in front of the computer. Just plug it into the USB port to heat it up. Moreover, you can unplug the USB cable if you want to walk away from your PC. Its separated USB cable design allows you to wear it freely.

    7th Prize: The Plug Mug

    If your fed up with your co-workers pinching your favourite coffee mug, then  you need one of these fun Plug Mug’s. This fun mug has a hole in the side, and a matching plug that fits the hole, pull the plug out and no one can use the mug as the liquid will pour out this side.

    8th Prize: The Star Trek Cookbook

    Is there one food that humans, Klingons, Bajorans, and Vulcans would like? If so, what would it taste like? How would you prepare it? Could you find all the ingredients locally?

    This is the task that faces Neelix, chef for the U.S.S. Voyager™, every time he takes on the challenge of trying to feed its crew of 140 food critics. But over the course of their journey, Neelix's learned a few tricks of the trade. He had to, just as a matter of self-preservation.

    Ethan Phillips, in the persona of Neelix, and William J. Birnes, the New York Times bestselling coauthor of The Day After Roswell, throw wide the vaults of interstellar haute cuisine, revealing for the first time the secret preparation techniques behind all those exotic dishes and drinks. The favorite foods of characters from every Star Trek series and movie are here, all adapted for easy use in twentieth-century kitchens. The Star Trek Cookbook also features a complete guide for whipping up the all the drinks served at Quark's.

    Fun, and easy to use, the Star Trek Cookbook is your indispensable guide to the food of the stars!

    9th Prize: The Mario and Duck Hunt NES Cartridge Clock

    Made with an original Nintendo Mario/Duck Hunt Cartridge, this clock is sure to be the coolest clock in the cubicle farm.. This upcycled clock stands 5 1/4 inches high by 4 1/2 wide and has a quartz motor and brass hands. Stand on it's own or use velcro on back to mount on a cubicle wall.

    10th Prize: The Encyclopedia Shatnerica

    Actor, singer, director, novelist, horseman, game-show host, spoken-word performer, legendary Hollywood lothario - is there anything William Shatner can’t do? Beam aboard the starship Irreverent you get taken on a guided tour of the Emmy-winning entertainment icon’s universe. And it's a universe more twisted than a Tholian Web and more dense than the Mutara Nebula.

    Inside you’ll find more than fifty years of major film, TV, and stage appearances (from Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone to Star Trek, T. J. Hooker, and Boston Legal); Shatner’s many musical misadventures, including his legendary covers of Rocket Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; scandalous allegations and scathing anecdotes from Star Trek costars; plus more girdle, divorce, and toupee trivia than you can shake a phaser at! Fully updated for the first time in ten years, with all-new material on Denny Crane, Nerine Kidd, Iron Chef USA, and more! The Encyclopedia Shatnerica remains the definitive biography of an entertainment icon.

    Robert Schnakenberg
    Quick Books
    Reference - Shatner

    11th Prize: Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Drop Game

    You've no doubt heard about how nano materials are going to revolutionize our existence on earth... but frankly we've seen none of the microscopic robots and superconductive microprocessors we were promised. Fortunately Bandai Japan has stepped in to reveal that the real purpose of nano materials is to become our frivolous playthings as we continue our journey to master the universe. Bandai's amazing Aqua Drop game features an internal nano surface that causes water to hyper-bead using "Adesso WR", a nano-tech agent invented and patented by Nikka Kagaku Co., Ltd. Japan.

    Simply insert some water into the top of the Aqua Drop using the included dropper. Instantly the water turns into tiny beads that race across the surface in an unnaturally fast manner as you tilt the Aqua Drop from side to side. With the reduced friction the natural surface tension of the water takes over to create some unusual liquid dynamics. The challenge is to collect the water into all of the dimples in the board... easier said than done of course.

    12th Prize: USB Moody Light 4-Port Hub

    USB Moody Light 4-Port Hub allows you to connect 4 different USB devices at the same time. Lights soothe mood, the changing light gives you sensation of relaxation. It brings harmony to your workplace and calms your mind

    13th Prize: Super Mario Cufflinks

    You can choose to have a matching pair of red or green Mario Mushroom cufflinks or go for a combo pair with one green and one red.


    14th Prize: USB Revolving Hub

    USB 180° Revolving 4-Port Hub II allows you to connect 4 different USB devices at the same time. In addition, the colourful design helps to decorate your desk.

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  • Top Contenders as of January 17th, 2009

    There are alot of new folks competing this month.  It is an MVP month as well, so this would be a good month for folks that received their MVPs to contribute since the MVP award is a high value category.   At the current time, the top  submitters are running pretty close.   Steven Andrews, speaker extraordinaire  is currently holding the top slot.   It is not a tremendous surprise that he has the top slot, since he recently announced that he has the ambitious/insane goal of giving 52 presentations this year.  Steve is raising the bar pretty hight this year with his goal to give 52 presentations this year.  Is it achiveable, to the mere mortal no.... but to Steve, pretty likely since he did give 48 presentations last year.  But Steve has done more than give presentations this month.  You will find a good mix of blogs and articles submitted as well.

    Right behind Steve is Tamir Khason, who has secured the 2nd slot (for the time being Big Smile) by creating some very interesting articles and examples explaining how to build an FM radio with RDS support and with a very cool WPF Client.  If you look at Tamir's blog and his background, you can see that he does quite a bit with WPF and is definitely a code junkie.  He has also added a few other articles and examples where he uses his FM Radio to demonstrate some useful XAML Time Savers.    I can see a nice potential collaboration between Tamir and Jay Smith of UserGroupRadio.com. Big Smile

    There are alot of other new faces this month and this post is what will be a regular blog topic on Community Credit, to give folks more of a play by play so you can keep up with how everybody is doing throughout the month and to see what your fellow geeks are up to in the community.

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