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Community Credit Prizes for May 2009

Note: As always, our prize list can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"Check it out to see past prizes and contest winners.

The items below show the prizes that you can win at Community-Credit this month(May 2009 ). You can have a chance at earning one of these prizes by contributing to the development community this month.  Simply log your contributions (points awarded for over 100 types of contributions) and the geeks with the most points at the end of May 2009 Contest will win one of the prizes shown below. You can also see the past winners and prizes on our Stupid Prize Page.

Onto this Month's Prizes...
Grand Prize: The Video Camera Pen.

This is the ball-point pen that has a built-in video camera, capturing conversations with a press of a button. Ideal for use while secured in a pocket, its built-in color camera lens is located just above the pocket clip and its microphone is located on the side of the barrel under the pocket clip, yet are both inconspicuous enough to avoid detection

1st Prize: Aqua Dance nanotech water slide

If you're looking for something new to take your mind completely off your job at the office, then enter the world of nanotechnology with the cool new Aqua Dance - Nanotech Water Slide. This amazing water fountain / pachinko machine / Plinko game drips water droplets down a nanotech coated obstacle-laden maze-like slide. As the beads of water fall, the high-tech coating causes them to slide, bounce, scatter, break apart and join back together like mercury does (like the Terminator T-1000). The water thens drops into holes at the bottom, where they are then pumped back up to be reused over and over again. No batteries are needed, just press the pump button and swivel the adjustable faucet to aim. This should definitely waste a few productive hours a day

2nd Prize: Credit Card Size Digital Video Player

These mini video players are small on size but are big on features with full-size bright high-res screens and 8 hour battery life. They're perfect for playing your favorite movies and music. With 2GB of storage built-in, but can be expanded via memory card.

3rd Prize: Star Wars Light Saber USB Glow Lamp

If you ever wished you could wield a lightsaber like a Jedi Knight and needed a unique lamp for your workspace, this lamp doubles as a desk light and a glowing mini lightsaber! If you don't have an R2 unit handy, simply plug the lamp's base into your computer's USB port and slide the lightsaber in upright to recharge it. While it charges you can use the bright blue adjustable glow from the lightsaber's energy blade as a lamp and if your boss or Sith Lord approaches, it can be removed to strike them down to replace peace and justice to the office

4th Prize: Star Trek Red Shirt Cologne

Red Shirt Cologne is made for the young, modern man of the galaxy who doesn't hesitate; who revels in being alive today. Red Shirt Cologne instills confidence, showing the universe your strength, your valor, your devotion to living each day as though it could be your last. Bright, clean and Direct with Top notes of green mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lavender, Red Shirt finish strong with base notes of leather and grey musk. It's a daring men's fragrance for those brave enough to place no trust in tomorrow. Bottle is 100 ML

5th Prize: The Office Interactive DVD Board Game

Dwight Schrute understands that all work and no play makes a Dunder Mifflin employee less efficient. So he created this DVD board game to enlighten and entertain, mapping out the cubicle farm for your playing enjoyment. Answer questions about the show clips and earn Schrute bucks; gather fellow The Office fans to watch a few episodes and play a few rounds

6th Prize: Rock Em Sock Em Robots

The original Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots™, first introduced in the 60s, are back and hotter than ever in this nostalgic reproduction. Maneuver Red Rocker® and Blue Bomber® around the ring as you try to knock your opponent's block off with jaw-jolting action! Remember how the losing robot's head pops up with the power punch?

7th Prize: Wacky Packages Book

Tucked inside Topps Bubblegum, the stickers featured parodies of consumer products and well-known brands. This first-ever compilation showcases images of all 223 rare and hard-to-find stickers. Includes an interview with Art Spiegelman, the brains behind the concept, and a bonus pack of unreleased stickers. Hardcover; 237 pages.

8th Prize: Star Trek Peel Wall Applique

These wall appliques are a must have for any Star Trek fan! Featuring designs and characters from the original TV series, you can decorate your office anyway you want! These easily removable and reusable appliques come on and off without any problems. Just stick, admire, and show off your inner Trekkie!

9th Prize: DIY Drinking Strawz

Liquids are fun outside your body (like swimming in a lake or pre-set grape gelatin) and they are fun inside your body (like Bawls, Jolt, and the occasional Zima - just kidding). But really, the big problem comes when deciding how to make fun liquid get from outside your body to inside your body. Our favorite method is drinking. And when we drink, we like using straws. But sometimes a straight straw is boring. So we combined a few chemicals in a test tube and DIY Drinking Strawz were born.

Composed of 44 dishwasher safe components, DIY Drinking Strawz guarantee that liquids get into your body exactly how you want them to. Want to mix drinks? Well, then build your straw to dip into two (or more) cups. Want to share? Then build an extra drinking branch. Want to mix drinks AND share? You can do that too!!! Amazing, ain't it? And hey, if you want to go nuts and really suck, you can buy more than one set and make a mondo-gigantic straw. You could be the Suck-Meister.

10th Prize: Ninja Star Push Pins

There are many nonverbal signs you can use to let those in your office know how you feel about them. You can leave a sticky note saying "Good Job" on their monitor. You can put laxatives in their coffee. Or, you can do as the ninjas done did: stick an angry note on their cubicle wall with throwing stars. Of course not real throwing stars, but Ninja Star Push Pins.

This prize will bring you three Ninja Stars of posting doom. Each star has one corner cut off and replaced with two push pins, so when they are embedded in the wall (or cork board or foam board) they look like they were thrown with great force. And apart from looking cool in the wall, the stories of how the Ninja Star Push Pins got there in the first place will quickly become the things of office legend - because nothing adds emphasis to a sign or note like a Ninja Star

11th Prize: Origami Sticky Notes

Origami is a Japanese art which is practiced to create a representation of an object using paper folding and crease patterns typically without using glue or cutting the paper. Now you can practice origami in the office and make use of all the old sticky notes you have plastered to your desk.

These Origami Sticky Notes provide something fun for those dull moments at the office. You can now re-cycle your old sticky notes and turn them in to paper 3-D models.

12th Prize: Paper E-mail

Ready for a strange fact we discovered recently? E-mail has been around since before computers. At first, e-mails were written on rocks and thrown at neighbors. CC-ing a rock e-mail could be dangerous for an entire village. Then, e-mails were written on paper and put in weird paper things called envelopes and the postal system delivered them. This was slow. Finally, e-mail as we know it came around. Well, for fun, let's take a technological step backwards.

Paper E-mail is perhaps the funniest way to pass messages in your office. Why? Because it will confuse the person you send it to. 'Why didn't they just e-mail this to me?' they'll wonder, 'is their computer down?' Great for sending IT e-mails on - especially if you mention they are a test of the new e-mail servers. Paper E-mails are a great, funny mix of new ideas and old school technology. So take a step back in time and find out how folks e-mailed other folks in the dark ages (that is, a long while ago).

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