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Community Credit Winners Recognized in May 2009

Let's see who was recognized with geeky gifts in May 2009 ...
Note: As always, our prize list with all of the past winners can be found on our "Stupid Prizes Page"

The folks listed below have truly exceeded in their contributions to the development community and have been rewarded with some really geeky prizes. How did they win? They simply went above and beyond in their contributions to the development community and logged their contributions here and the geeks with the most points at the end of May 2009 Contest won one of the prizes shown below. 

And now, onto the winners
Grand Prize Winner:Michael Wood with 62,000 Points points won a Alien Air Remote Controlled Jump Jet

1st Prize Winner:Anil Pandey with 50,950 Points points won a Mirror

2nd Prize Winner:K. Brian Kelley with 41,300 Points points won a Super Teeny Tiny 16GB USB Drive

3rd Prize Winner:Dennis Bottjer with 39,000 Points points won a Babushka Lights

4th Prize Winner:Lee Brandt with 31,000 Points points won a The Pin Clock

5th Prize Winner:Andy Leonard with 27,000 Points points won a Hacked And Frayed Spy Flash Drive

6th Prize Winner:John Blumenauer with 27,000 Points points won a Lightbulb Light

7th Prize Winner:Mitchel Sellers with 25,550 Points points won a Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover

8th Prize Winner:Colin Eberhardt with 24,500 Points points won a Splat Stan Coffee Coaster

9th Prize Winner:Victor Hurdugaci with 23,000 Points points won a Arcade Game Tie

10th Prize Winner:stan naspinski with 21,500 Points points won a Amazing Sea Monkeys

11th Prize Winner:Joydip Kanjilal with 21,000 Points points won a Dress For Dinner Napkins

12th Prize Winner: D'Arcy Lussier with 16,500 Points points won a Tetris Magnet Set

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