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"The Office" Video Game

I just checked out the new video game based on "The Office".  I didn't really have the free time to play it, but I really had no choice.  After all, once I saw "The Office Video Game", my only option was to immediately download it and try it out.  I only played it for a few minutes and thought that it was fun.  Maybe not hugely compelling but  fun nonetheless.  Once I make it through my 60 minutes of free game play, I will decide if I want to buy it.  Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.  You can download it here
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LouVega said:

Hmmm - ok I've downloaded it but now I have to decide...."Office game" or setup my Android dev box to start playing with that....so many choices such little time :)

December 7, 2007 10:00 PM
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