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Venting about and

If I can vent a bit about a hosting company that I work with.....I spent another two hours of my life dealing with the tech support folks at this morning.   These are two hours of my life that I will never get back.  What happened, you ask?  It was actually pretty consistent with my history with OCHosting.  If I can take you back about 2 years, I used to be an OCHosting customer.  It lasted for maybe 3 days and on the 3rd day there were so many problems in getting my sites setup and  that I swore them off forever.  Or so I thought.    About a year+ back, a client of mine started using OCHosting and every 2 months we go through the same experience.  It is a pretty basic pattern.

a) His website goes down, email doesn't work, some part of the site stops working properly or something similar happens, without the site changing at all. 

b) I call up the tech support folks at OCHosting to let them know that nothing on our end has changed.  Therefore, it is pretty likely that it is something that caused breakage on the OCHosting end. 

c) Regardless of the problem, the OCHosting folks willl insist that it is something that went wrong with the site.  I will let them know that nothing at all has changed.  Then I will spend hours (and sometimes days) trying to convince them that whatever broke the site was caused by something OCHosting related.

d) I will send some flame emails and make a lot of noise at OCHosting, emailing everybody that I can think of to try to get somebody to help.

e) Somebody in level 2 or 3 support will actually look at the website and find the problem, fix it, then send me an email saying "We found the problem, we fixed it, your site should be working now.

f) I will say to myself, "THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU!" and then spend the next hour decompressing and drinking heavily while I try to regain my sanity after the painful tech support experience.

This has happened time and time again.  I have used many hosting companies and have never had to go through so much pain in resolving problems. 

Well, today I went through the experience once again.  At around 8:00 am, it started with a call to tech support who insisted that it was a problem on my end. At about 10:00, I gave up my attempt to try to explain why it was not something on my end.  I just could not convince the guy.  I tried hard, believe me.  Well, I made no changes to the site, but at 2:30, I received an email that the site is back up after they fixes something with the DNS setup. 

Okay, I am finished venting.  I feel much better now....


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Published Dec 05 2007, 11:59 PM by DavidSilverlight
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LouVega said:

I've been using the same host for years now after horrible experiences with others. I've been using Aquest Hosting ( for my own web site and have recommended them to others over the years. Their support is rock solid - I've had only 1 "major" issue in the time that I've hosted with them...that happened to be on a Saturday (or was it Sunday) afternoon and when I called their tech support, I spoke to a real live human...and get this...not just a "Call center" - this was a full fledged developer/MCSE/geek type person who instantly was able to fix the problem for me. I've been sold on them ever since...if you're ever looking to get a customer hosted somewhere else, these guys rock.

December 6, 2007 8:01 AM
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