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Coding tales from my 2nd home - Starbucks selects it's First Winner - Trish Lewandowski

This past Ft. Lauderdale CodeCamp was really tremendous.  Dave Noderer did an amazing job of organizing it, as did the many other volunteers and organizers that helped to make it happen.  I gave 3 sessions and they all went well.  Naturally, the demo gods never let a full day go by for me without giving me grief in at least one of my presentations and in this case it was my session on Hypertext Video with Silverlight.  And, of course, it was the last demo while the session was being recorded.  DAMN YOU DEMO GODS!!!  It was a great time and I will probably dedicate a completely seperate blog post to it.  Well, enough about me, the reason that I am blogging is to tell you about the tool that we used to record the evals from the CodeCamp. 

The site that we use is  This tool happens to be one that yours truly, along with Shawn Weisfeld, wrote to simplify the job of recording evals from CodeCamps in a way that the speakers can see the results real time.  Speakers can also elect whether to make their results visible to the world or keep them to themselves. In my case, I chose to show the results of my sessions and you can see the feedback here. I got pretty decent feedback, not all shining and wonderful, but the majority of the comments were very positive. 

Last but not least, one way that we give incentive to attendees to give feedback is by offering prizes in a random drawing so that people can win something for taking their time to give us their feedback.  Our first winner is Trish Lewandowski, who won a copy of Visual Studio 2008 professional.  Contrats to you, Trish!  Thanks to you, as well, and all of the other attendees who submitted their feedback.  The speakers are all volunteers and none of us are professional speakers, so the feedback is very important to us.  In a sense the feedback is our "Pay" for presenting, since it helps us to improve our presentations for future user group meetings and conferences.  So, a big thanks to everybody who participated.

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Published Feb 08 2008, 11:28 PM by DavidSilverlight
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