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  • Super Tube Debate

    In the recent Democratic Presidential Debate CNN decided to mix things up a bit by asking people to ask the candidates questions by uploading videos to YouTube. Not wanting to be left out, the SuperNews team decided to mix things up even more by selecting a few videos for the candidates themselves [YouTube...
    Posted to Geek Humor (Forum) by DavidSilverlight on Tue, Aug 28 2007
  • "You Tube" (A Love Song) - Original Song - Acoustic Version

    [YouTube:FWPzxVMQU8g] "You Tube" (A Love Song) When I wake up in the morning youtube when I dream at night, youtube in the middle of the day, youtube you consume my life, youtube I can't help, but think of you I just love the things you do allow the people, to post our videos, we love you youtube I like...
    Posted to Geek Music. (Forum) by DavidSilverlight on Mon, Apr 23 2007
  • YouTube Customer Care: Ear Plugs Required!

    Have you ever wondered what it was like to work in the "complaint" department for YouTube? YouTube has finally created a customer care hotline for you to call when you have technical issues with their free service! Isn't that great? Isn't it? Well? Hello? Hello. Hello!!! Hey!!! IS ANYBODY THERE?!? HELLO...
    Posted to Geek Humor (Forum) by DavidSilverlight on Fri, Mar 2 2007
  • Verizon Wireless to offer YouTube on mobiles

    Verizon Wireless said on Tuesday it would deliver selected video clips from YouTube to cell phones starting in December in a bid to increase subscriptions to its mobile media service. YouTube, the leading online video sharing site which was bought by Internet search leader Google Inc. this month, said...
    Posted to Geeky News (Forum) by HimaBindu Vejella on Thu, Nov 30 2006
  • Coming Soon - YouTube on your TV

    One thing that is going to be pretty revolutionary about the Wii is the fact that it includes a free, fully-featured web browser. This means for $250 you get instant-on web access on your TV. This is something that the XBox can ’t deliver for fear of cutting into Microsoft’s PC market Check it out
    Posted to Geeky News (Forum) by DavidSilverlight on Mon, Oct 16 2006
  • Antipiracy System Could Hurt YouTube

    A technology designed to detect copyright material could give YouTube a needed dose of legal legitimacy and calm any concerns Google Inc. has about spending $1.65 billion on the Internet video site. But that same technology could hurt YouTube's edgy appeal. Read More
    Posted to Geeky News (Forum) by DavidSilverlight on Mon, Oct 16 2006
  • Jay Leno: Found YouTube Videos

    "Jay Leno highlights some very entertaining videos on YouTube that will make you ooh, ahhh, and definitely crack up." [YouTube:dLS_sP9_ceM]
    Posted to Geek Humor (Forum) by DavidSilverlight on Thu, Sep 28 2006
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